SANZAR investigating homophobic behaviour

Super Rugby’s governing body SANZAR has started an investigation into allegations of homophobic behaviour in the Waratahs 28-13 victory over the Brumbies.

Brumbies flanker David Pocock had to complain twice to referee Craig Joubert during the match on Sunday after a Waratahs player allegedly made homophobic slurs to Brumbies players in the match.

Brumbies chief executive Michael Jones said that the players have been told by a SANZAR official after the match that an investigation has already started.

“One player made a number of remarks on a number of occasions and it was fairly continuous throughout the game,” said Jones.

“A SANZAR disciplinary officer will listen to the tapes to see if there is sufficient evidence to build a case to answer,” Jones told News Corp.

“From our perspective, all we can do is make SANZAR aware of it, which we have done. There is no requirement from us to make a formal complaint.”

“There were more than just homophobic comments made by this player that were a little bit unsavoury.”

Jones said that he expects SANZAR to be in contact with Brumbies players shortly in order to get more details about what occured during the match.

“I assume that they would want to follow up exactly and find out what the context was and what the actual words that were spoken were,” Jones told ABC News.

Referee Craig Joubert was approached by Pocock and captain Stephen Moore in the second half on Sunday but he said that he had not heard anything but that he would make a point of listening out for further comments.

Pocock revealed after the match that he had not heard the alleged comments himself and had been told about them by his team mates.

“I didn’t hear anything. I just had a few players coming to me saying there were homophobic slurs being thrown out, and I guess it is something at the Brumbies we have said it is not acceptable and we are not going to tolerate this.

“We were just making the referee aware. I put it with racism and all sorts of other things that aren’t good enough.”

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