Jones wants England to be World’s most dominant team

Eddie Jones, the new England Rugby head coach, poses

New England head coach Eddie Jones says that he wants England to be the most “dominant rugby team in the world” ahead of the Six Nations.

Jones, who will name his first England squad on Wednesday this week, said that he will coach his players to be able to get the basics spot on so that they will be able to increase the tempo of the game at the correct moments.

There has been much speculation over who will make up the new England backroom coaching assistants but Jones says that there will be no further new coaching appointments
ahead of the Six Nations.

Paul Gustard will coach defence, Steve Borthwick the forwards, Ian Peel will assist with the scrum and Jones, himself, will coach England’s attack.

In his first interview of 2016, and ahead of his first squad announcement on Wednesday at 2pm, Jones said getting the basics right was a primary aim.

“Nothing goes away from the meat and potatoes of the game,” he said on the RFU site.

“You have got to be able to win your set piece well and you’ve got to be able to defend well.

“Then the plus bit for England is being able to attack well and that’s the area that takes time because it is more complicated, it is more complex. The reality is we have got to make sure we get the simplicity in our players so that they are able to attack with freedom and express themselves.”

Jones said he felt absolutely no pressure from the media, former players or Premiership head coaches to pick certain players in his first squad.

“The pressure is on the player. If the player hasn’t been selected, he hasn’t done well enough. It’s as simple as that,” he said.

Jones added: “At the end of the day the players select themselves because they express themselves in the way I can see them being a profitable part of a winning England team.”

The Australian, who joined England after leading Japan to three victories at the Rugby World Cup, further explained his coaching philosophy.

“The coach is a servant to the player. We’ve got to ensure we give the player everything they need to perform well because, at the end of the day, when we play on Saturday at two o’clock, or whatever it is against Scotland at Murrayfield, it is the players that are playing not the coaches.”

And Jones expects his team to be able to play with pace at the right times. “You have to be able to increase the tempo of the game. The old days when you could just strangulate teams – yes you can do that every now and then in test matches – but you’ve got to be able to increase the tempo of the game at various times.

“You see everything that is being done in the game at the moment. The latest example is the maul law. Everything is being done to speed the game up.”

Jones said he wants England to ultimately be the “most dominant team in the world” but stressed that all starts with beating Scotland on 6 February.

Ahead of that first fixture, he said: “So we’ve got to make sure that when we go to Scotland we are well prepared, we’re cohesive, players understand their roles and then we’ve got to play with enormous pride and passion.

“That’s what international rugby is all about and I know that England players selected won’t be short of pride and passion.”

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