Force coach Foley praises Hurricanes fighting spirit

Western Force Head Coach head Michael Foley has paid tribute to “Wellington Super Rugby franchise the Hurricanes’ tenacity by calling them ” group of fighters”.

The Hurricanes continued their unbeaten run in Perth on Friday by beating the Western Force 13-42 taking them to the top of the Super Rugby standings.

The Hurricanes victory came after a tour of South Africa which included wins over the Lions in Johannesburg and the Bulls in Pretoria.

Force coach Foley admitted that there were parts of their game that they got wrong but also praised the Hurricanes for the way that the Hurricanes fought for their victory.

“When it comes to it, their body height was better than ours in a lot of those contact areas. Once you lose the collisions both in attack and defence it’s very hard to get into the game,” said Foely.

“There were times when we had possession and we didn’t do anything with it and that was largely around the contact area. “

“There were times when they had possession and often that was from our turnovers – which is the type of possession that they are most likely to have – and they cut us up. “

“Getting the attacking contact right against a team like the Hurricanes gives you an opportunity to score but if you don’t, it gives them an opportunity to score and that was the major turning point I think in the game and I don’t think we got that part right.

“It’s taken some time to build a reputation as a group of fighters, and I think they are a group of fighters,” added the Western Force coach.

“When we have a look back at that game, it’s going to hurt a lot – it hurts now. But I think everybody in the squad will be ready to go come Monday.”

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