Cheetahs beat Blues in Bloemfontein

Out of the last five Super Rugby matches between the Cheetahs and the Blues the Auckland based Blues have won three and the Cheetahs two.

Match detail

We are waiting for the kick off.

The Blues kick off but the  Cheetahs win a penalty for tackling a player in the air. The Cheetahs kick upfield and miss touch. 

1.00: The Blues get the ball and counter attack. Ihaia West finds a number of holes and makes ground for the Blues before the ball goes into touch. 

2.00: The Cheetahs get the put in at a scrum after a line out. 

4.00: After several resets the Cheetahs win the scrum and kick upfield. The Blues – Lolagi Visinia boots the ball well back and makes ground for the Blues. 

5.00: The Cheetahs win the line out but they kick upfield. The ball goes back and forth as both teams boot it. The Blues then decide to run the ball from their half. 

7.00: The Blues continue to bash away at the Cheetahs and on his second run Jerome Kaino makes about 25m before he is stopped short. The Blues then win a penalty so they kick for a 5m line out. 

8.00; The Blues win the line out and attack in the Cheetahs 22. They use the maul and then they go wide. The Blues form another maul which the Cheetahs defend and win the put in when it stops. 

10.00: The Cheetahs win the scrum and boot upfield. 

11.00: The Cheetahs win a penalty on the half way line and then another penalty for not being back 10. Joe Pietersen will have a shot at the posts. 

13.00: The wind catches Pietersen’s kick and he misses. 

15.00: Willie le Roux kicks deep and finds a space where the Blues have left the touchline unguarded. Ihaia West has to chase the ball and it goes out, 

16.00: after a line out the Blues chip the ball into touch and set up Cheetahs line out in the Cheetahs 22. The home side wins the line out and uses the maul. 

17.00: The Blues look very comfortable running at the Cheetahs. They make ground but then Willie le Roux gets an intercept and kills off the Blues momentum. 

18.00: Tebo Mohoje steals a ball from the Blues line out. They attack the Blues and Cornal Hendricks slips through the defence and races in to score under the posts. TRY! 

19.00: Joe Pietersen adds the conversion. 

23.00: The Blues win a line out on the Cheetahs 5m line. They use the maul and drive over the tryline and Luke Braid scores the TRY! 

25.00: Ihaia West takes the conversion kick and levels the scores. 

28.00: The Cheetahs put themselves under pressure by not putting the ball in straight giving the Blues an attacking scrum in the Cheetahs 22. The first scrum has to be reset. 

30.00: The Cheetahs win the ball from the scrum and Raymond Rhule races down the wing but then the Blues stop him and the Cheetahs knock on. 

32.00: The Cheetahs go through the phases as they work the ball around the Blues 22 after Joe Pietersen had kicked high to the corner. After several hands Cornal Hendricks goes over for his second TRY! 

33.00: Pietersen takes the conversion kick but misses. 

35.00: Jerome Kaino has another powerful run but then Cheetahs stop him. Willie le Roux takes some time to get back up. 

37.00: The Blues show that they have good handling skills too as Patrick Tuipulotu slips a pass to Charlie Faumuina who scores – TRY! 

38.00: Ihaia West slots the conversion. The Blues lead. 

40.00: The Blues slice through the Cheetahs defence and Faumuina slips a pass to West who races to the line and scores. However the TMO sees the pass as forward so no try. 

It’s half time. 

The half time score was Cheetahs 12 Blues 14

The Cheetahs kick off and we are under way with the second half. 

41.00: The Blues win an early penalty and West finds touch. The Blues win the line out and use the maul and then run the ball They knock on. 

42.00: The Blues made 20 tackles in the first half and the Cheetahs made 50 tackles. This half the Cheetahs will have the wind behind them. 

43.00: Both teams try kicking the ball to make ground. Pietersen finds touch. 

47.00: Willie le Roux is caught offside so the Blues have a penalty. Jimmy Cowan races through the Cheetahs and with a few recycles the Blues get to the 5m line. Patrick Tuipulotu slips a pass to Braid but je knocks on. 

50.00: Joe Pietersen gets the ball on an intercept and races away but is caught by the Blues who have to take the ball into touch. 

51.00: The Blues win the line out and kick for touch. Blues possession is at 65%. 

52.00:: The Cheetahs win a penalty and run at the Blues. The Blues turn the ball over and attack. They kick to the Cheetahs and Sarel Pretorius ducks and weaves through the Blues and finds a hole and scores. TRY! 

54.00: Joe Pietersen takes the conversion kick and nails it. 

57.00: The Cheetahs have a defensive scrum on their 5m line. The ball pops out and Cowan wins them a penalty. They will kick for posts. 

59.00: Ihaia West takes the penalty kick but he misses. 

62.00: Sarel Pretorius kicks for touch from behind the scrum but the ball goes straight into touch. Tony Woodcock comes off . The Blues make a break and they stretch the Cheetahs outwide and Kaino scores. TRY! 

64.00: Ihaia West takes the conversion kick and nails it. The Blues lead. 

66.00: The Blues win a penalty for not retreating. They kick for touch as Pretorius is replaced. The Blues win an untidy line out but they lose it forward. 

69.00: The Cheetahs concede a penalty for not rolling off the ball. The Cheetahs will kick for posts. 

70.00 : Pietersen slots the kick and the Cheetahs lead. 

73.00: Penalty to the Blues so Ihaia West slots the kick and puts the Blues back into the lead. 

75.00; The Blues win a line out in the Cheetahs 22. They use the maul and they go wide but the final pass is forward. 

77.00: The Cheetahs win a penalty. Pietersen takes the kick and sets up a line out. The Blues then concede a penalty for moving backwards. Pietersen will kick for posts. 

79.00: Pietersen slots the penalty and the Cheetahs lead again. 

80.00: As the siren sounds West goes for a drop goal – and he misses. 

That is it the Cheetahs win. 

The full time score is Cheetahs 25 (12) Blues 24 (14)


Tries – C.Hendricks 2, S.Pretorius
Pen – J.Pietersen 2
Con – J.Pietersen 2
Drop –
Cards –

Tries – L.Braid, C. Faumuina, J.Kaino
Pen – I.West
Con – I.West 2
Drop –
Cards –

Match Officials
Referee: Rohan Hoffmann
Assistant Ref 1:Andrew Lees
Assistant Ref 2: Lourens van der Merwe
TMO :Johan Greeff



Willie le Roux, Cornal Hendricks, Francois Venter, Michael van der Spuy, Raymond Rhule, Joe Petersen, Sarel Pretorius, Willie Britz, Oupa Mohoje, Jean Cook, Francois Uys (captain), Carl Wegner, Coenie Oosthuizen, Torsten van Jaarsveld, Danie Mienie.

Replacements: Stephan Coetzee, BG Uys, Maks van Dyk, Tienie Burger, Boom Prinsloo, Tian Meyer, Willie du Plessis, Johann Sadie.


Tony Woodcock , James Parsons , Charlie Faumuina , Josh Bekhuis , Patrick Tuipulotu , Luke Braid , Brendon O’Connor , Jerome Kaino , Jimmy Cowan , Ihaia West , Tevita Li , Hamish Northcott , Charles Piutau , Melani Nanai , Lolagi Visinia

Replacements : Matt Moulds , Ofa Tu’ungafasi , Angus Ta’avao , Steven Luatua , Akira Ioane , Jamison Gibson-Park , Simon Hickey , Francis Saili

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