Brumbies beat Western Force in Canberra

Out of the last five Super Rugby matches between the Brumbies and the Western Force the Canberra based Brumbies have won four and lost one.

Match detail

We are waiting for the kick off.

Matt Toomua kicks off and we are underway. 

2.00: The Brumbies make a strong attacking start to the match. The pressure pays off as they win a penalty. They choose the line out. 

3.00: The Brumbies win the line out and use the maul but it is stopped. The Force turn the ball over and kick for touch. 

5.00: The Brumbies go through the phases in the Force’s 22. They win a penalty so they kick for touch and the line out. 

6.00: The Brumbies win the line out and use the maul. They get to 1 m out and use the pick and drive but the Force stop them initially. On the second go Rory Arnold scores. TRY! 

8.00: Lealiifano adds the conversion. 

10.00: The Force get their hands on the ball and they work upfield. They stretch the Brumbies and then pass wide to Nick Cummins who goes over taking three players with him after 18 phases. We go to the TMO as its very close to the line. The TRY is awarded. 

11.00: Zack Holmes takes the conversion from the touchline but just misses. 

13.00: The Brumbies clear the ball from a ruck and Lealiifano passes the ball to Joe Tomane who races down the wing and scores. TRY!

14.00: Lealiifano tries the conversion but gets charged down by Marcel Brache.

19.00: Penalty to the Force. Zack Holmes takes the shot but misses. 

22.00: The Brumbies keep the pressure up and Henry Speight almost gets through but he manages to recycle the ball and Benn Alexander goes over to score. TRY! 

23.00: Lealiifano adds the conversion. 

27.00: The Brumbies have the ball. They go through the phases on attack (8) but then there is a knock on from Matt Toomua. 

31.00: The Force work the ball into the Brumbies 22. They go through 7 phases and keep the ball rolling through the hands. 

32.00: 12 phases and the Force are on the 5m line. 

34.00: The Brumbies push the Force back almost out of their 22 but they knock on. The Force push forward but they knock on. 

36.00: The Brumbies have a scrum about 10m out.It has to be reset. Penalty to the Brumbies. White kicks for touch. 

39.00: Penalty to the Force as the Brumbies front row collapsing. 

40.00: The siren sounds so the half will end after Zack Holmes’ kick. Holmes takes the kick and nails it. 

The half time score was Brumbies 19 W.Force 8

The Force kick off and the second half is underway. 

44.00:The teams are battling to complete their scrums. The Force win a penalty from the scrum so they kick for touch. 

46.00:The Brumbies look to run the ball from inside their 22 but Tevita Kuridrani loses the ball in the tackle and the Force almost get a lucky try. They are however called back for a scrum. 

48.00: An error from the Force gives the Brumbies a line in the Force’s 22. They win the scrum and drive over the line and Nic White slips around the side and scores the bonus point TRY! 

49.00: White misses the conversion. 

54.00: The Brumbies try to attack but the Force intercept the ball, kick it and chase. Robbie Coleman gets back to save the ball getting back to the Force but injures himself in the process. 

55.00: The Force win a scrum 5m out from the Brumbies tryline. They go through 14 phases on attack but the Brumbies hold them out. They keep the ball alive and Steve Mafi scores. TRY! 

57.00: Holmes adds the conversion. 

61.00: The Brumbies win a penalty after a Robbie Coleman break. Lealiifano slots the penalty to extend the lead. 

64.00: Robbie Coleman is replaced by James Dargaville. Steve Mafi makes a break for the Force but he loses the ball. 

70.00: The Force are still full of attack. In the last 5 minutes they have had 90% of the possession. Nick Cummins comes off as the Force have a scrum. 

71.00: The scrum has to be reset. It collapses again. 

72.00: Penalty to the Force. They kick for touch. They win the line out. The clear out is messy but they slowly make ground. 

73.00: The Force win another penalty. Ebersohn taps and goes. He is caught but the Force keep the ball alive and continue the atatck. 

75.00: The Brumbies absorb huge pressure from the Force and eventually push them out wide. 

76.00: It’s still all the Western Force. They move the ball wide but it goes into touch. 

78.00: The Force attack but the Brumbies turn it over. They run it and the Force charge it down. The Force follow up and the Brumbies win a penalty. They kick for touch. 

80.00:As the siren sounds the Force continue their attack. A converted try would earn them a losing bonus point. They go through the phases near the half way line before the ball changes hands twice and the Force kick the ball away so that Toomua can kick it into touch. 

That’s it the Brumbies win. 

The  full time score is Brumbies 27 (19) W.Force 15 (8)


Tries – R.Arnold, J.Tomane, B.Alexander, N.White
Pen – C.Lealiifano 
Con – C.Lealiifano 2
Drop –
Cards –

Tries – N.Cummins, S.Mafi
Pen – Z.Holmes
Con – Z.Holmes
Drop –
Cards –

Match Officials
Referee: Marius van der Westhuizen
Assistant Ref 1:Angus Gardner
Assistant Ref 2:Andrew Lees
TMO : Ian Smith



1. Scott Sio , 2. Stephen Moore , 3. Ben Alexander , 4. Rory Arnold , 5. Sam Carter , 6. Scott Fardy, , 7. Jarred Butler , 8. Ita Vaea , 9. Nic White , 10. Matt Toomua , 11. Joe Tomane , 12. Christian Lealiifano , 13. Tevita Kuridrani , 14. Henry Speight , 15. Robbie Coleman.

Replacements: 16. Josh Mann-Rea , 17. JP Smith , 18. Ruan Smith , 19. Jordan Smiler , 20. Blake Enever , 21. Michael Dowsett , 22. James Dargaville , 23. Jesse Mogg

Western Force

1. Pekahou Cowan, 2. Nathan Charles, 3. Tetera Faulkner, 4. Sam Wykes (c), 5. Steve Mafi, 6. Brynard Stander, 7. Chris Alcock, 8. Ben McCalman, 9. Alby Mathewson, 10. Zack Holmes, 11. Nick Cummins, 12. Solomoni Jnr Rasolea, 13. Kyle Godwin, 14. Marcel Brache, 15. Luke Morahan

Replacements : 16. Heath Tessmann, 17. Chris Heiberg, 18. Oliver Hoskins, 19. Wilhelm Steenkamp, 20. Kane Koteka, 21. Ian Prior, 22. Sias Ebersohn, 23. Luke Burton

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