Chabal still in with a shot at selection

French Rugby superstar Sebastian Chabal or the man better known as the caveman has been told that he could still make the French team and not to give up hope after he was left out of the French Six Nations squad.

Chabal, who plays for Sale Sharks was one of 19 from the world cup that did not make the cut for the 6 Nations.

“There was no pressure in France about the selection.” Lievremont told Yahoo Eurosport.

“When we looked at the players in the number eight position, we felt Elvis Vermeulen is the best player at the moment.”

“There is a lot of talk about the 2011 World Cup – and huge disappointment from the 2007 World Cup from France’s perspective – but we want to keep an eye on what is happening now.” Lievremont added.

“Over the past few months we have looked at a lot of players. We have a list of players for the immediate future, but also a list of young players for 2011 who are not there yet, but will be eventually.

“Yes, of course he (Chabal) he has a chance to get back. The door is still open to those players left out.”

“We have lots of ambitions. We hope to win the first match, and go from there.

“I am convinced about the value of this squad. We need to build and look forward to the future.”

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