Vickery free to play Clermont Auverne

Phil Vickery will be available for Wasps’ crucial Heineken Cup clash against Clermont Auvergne on Saturday despite him being cited by officials.

He has not been through the process of the disciplinary hearing but is free to play on.

England’s World Cup captain was reported by Welsh citing commissioner Aurwell Morgan for “allegedly” trampling on Clermont lock Thibaut Privat during last weekend’s Pool Five game between Clermont and Wasps in France.

Vickery was cited earlier in the week but a date was not set so he did not know whether he would be able to play this weekend. The hearing has now been set for Wednesday in Glasgow and the disciplinary committee will be chaired by Rod McKenzie, assisted by his Scottish colleague Richard McGhee and Ireland’s Dr Barry O’Driscoll.

If Vickery is found guilty he could receive a ban that would sideline him for Guinness Premiership games until the end of the year.


It is most unlikely that he will miss any Six Nations matches.  

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