Deans is the best by a country mile: Dwyer

World cup winning Australia coach Bob Dwyer has issued the ARU with a blunt message ahead of today’s board meeting where they are expected to name the next Australia coach.

That message is just because the All Blacks were too stupid to appoint Robbie Deans as their coach doesn’t mean Australia should make the same mistake.

Dwyer basically says that Deans is the top coach in the game.

“Deans is the best qualified for the job by a country mile,” he told the Daily Telegraph.

“I think he is so far ahead of the other coaches in the world, let alone the other coaches who have applied.

“Unfortunately for us we don’t have anyone with the qualifications who is Australian.”

Dwyer pointed out that Deans was the All Blacks back line coach with John Mitchell they scored more tries per game than under any other coach in their history.

In 2003 when the two were coaching together the All Blacks scored 50 points or more against South Africa in South Africa and against Australia in Australia.

“People say to me ‘you can’t score tries today, defences are too good’. I say the Crusaders can score tries by the truckload,” he said.

“There is not a coach in Australia who does that detailed work. All our coaches are CEOs or managing directors who don’t get down to the coalface,” he said.

“It’s a crying shame, but that is the way it is.Just because the All Blacks are too stupid to appoint him that doesn’t mean we should be,” he said.

“He would be even more passionate now to let them know they have made a horrible mistake.

Dwyer also said that it made no difference to him whether Deans was a Kiwi or not.

“If you are a fair dinkum coach, you have a passion to help your players be better. And you want them to show they are better by beating the opposition, full stop,” he said.

Dwyer said Australia has a lot of very good players, some of whom could improve by 50 per cent with good coaching.

“Over the last couple of years a number of players from Super 14 teams and the Wallabies have spoken to me and their common lament is that their coaches don’t teach them anything about how to become better players.” he said.

While the ARU has been criticised for delaying the appointment, Dwyer said it was the smartest thing they have done.

“Their responsibility is to get the best bloke for the job and they have said that right from the start,” he said.

“It’s just losers talk to say they haven’t followed the correct process. If you are the best bloke, you will get the job. If you are not you don’t deserve the job, that’s it.”

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