Jake White leaves rugby for marketing job

Springbok coach Jake White has stopped coaching rugby and has taken up a job in marketing with Richmark Holdings, a telecommunications company in Johannesburg.

South Africa’s Sunday Times said White had already started his job and the CEO Gavin Varejes has already given White his business cards which read “Head Coach Marketing”.

White said that he was keen to pursue what he hoped would be a long career in big business.

Richmark Group chief executive Gavin Varejes who is president and founder of SA Rugby Legends, said his motivation to employ White came from a fear of losing him to an offshore role.

There have been strong suggestions that White will take over as England coach from the South African media but White did say that he was offered a job in Wales.

On losing White to another country Varejes told the Sunday Times, “That would have been terrible. He would have lost the heart of every South African”

Varejes described White as a “deal-maker” whose skills as a coach were perfectly suited to the business world.

“He knows what makes people tick, he’s sharp, a great talker . . . he’s the most popular guy in SA right now,” said Varejes who was obviously chuffed with his new recruitment and laid it on thick by adding, “You look under ‘self-respect’ in the dictionary and you see the name Jake White.”



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