Fiji kept entertained

Fiji’s Seremaia Bai and Seru Rabeni have thrilled fans since making their Test debuts against Japan in 2000, but are just as important to their team-mates off the field too.

The veteran centre paring are Fiji’s entertainment team when the Islanders are on tour of different countries.

The long, repetitive days of hotels, travel and training mean that sometimes the squad need to take their minds off rugby and foster team spirit.

“It means we have to entertain the whole team in any way to help the boys who are homesick,” Bai said in an interview on the International Rugby Board (IRB) website.

“We mix it a little bit to get away from rugby.”

The role entails everything from choosing the music played on the team bus or the movies played on the long trips, to fancy dress days and quiz nights.

“It’s a long competition and we need to keep the boys happy and keep them entertained every day,” added Rabeni.

“It’s tough, there are about 45 different tastes of music and about 45 different tastes of movies.”

Bai is firm when asked about what happens when there is a disagreement on the choice of music.

“We always tell them that if they don’t agree then to make sure they respect the rules,” said Bai.

“The rules are if you don’t like it to make sure you bring your walkman or iPod – and listen to your own music.”

Both are unanimous as to which member of the team has the worst musical taste.

“The worst taste is easily ‘Moji’ (Mosese) Rauluni, our skipper,” said Rabeni.

“We don’t even know the words to the songs he plays.”

Rauluni, though, is quick to respond when told of the entertainment committees’ thoughts.

“It’s because they only listen to Fijian music, they don’t expand their mind listening to rock and dance music,” the Fiji captain said.

“I was brought up in Australia and that’s where they love rock and in England they love their dance music so I sort of have a mix of both.”

The last word must come from the committee themselves, having been asked to rate their work.

“Yes we are up to standard,” said Bai.

“Hopefully when we finish our playing careers we can be professional entertainers.”


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