Wallabies duo earn a beer

Australia prop Matt Dunning and wing Lote Tuqiri were given a well earned break towards their midnight curfew to celebrate with their victorious team-mates, for one night at least.

The Wallabies bad boys received a reward for their involvement in Australia’s 91-3 massacre of Pool B ‘minnows’ Japan for a night out when they returned to their home base in Montpellier.

Several hours after the 13-try win over Japan, the Wallabies were on the TGV fast train back to their hotel in the south of France.

The players only arrived back before midnight on Saturday night, but the team management gave all squad members permission to head into the city for a few celebratory drinks after their opening win.

Tuqiri and Dunning, who had been slapped with a World Cup curfew because of off-field misdemeanors, were allowed by Australia coach John Connolly to join their teammates.

“Common sense will be used in this case, and they [Tuqiri and Dunning] will be with the team for the night,” Connolly told the Sydney Morning Herald.

However when Tuqiri was told that his midnight curfew would be ignored for one night at least, the winger was a unsure of how to approach his night of freedom.

“We’ll just see how we go when the bus gets into Montpellier… I’ll have a chat with Knuckles about it,” said Tuqiri.

Tuqiri admitted he was always mindful of the curfew.

“You have to be. I’ve had a chat with my missus about it, and you always have to be aware of it, because you blokes [the Australian media] are staying in the same hotel. We’ll just see how we go,” he added.

It has also prompted Tuqiri to buy a time-piece.

“I don’t normally wear a watch,” Tuqiri said.

“But I am setting my alarms and everything else. Nonetheless I don’t really have the time in France or the chance to do anything anyway.”


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