World Cup setback for Ohata

The world’s top international try-scorer, Daisuke Ohata, will miss the World Cup next month after he was injured in a practice match, the Japan Rugby Football Union (JRFU) said on Sunday.

Although Japan beat Portugal 15-13, scoring two tries, one conversion and one penalty goal on Saturday in Veneto, Italy, Japan coach John Kirwan was dissatisfied with the game.

“It was the worst match I’ve ever seen. We lost Ohata, and [Eiji] Ando also got an injury. It’s a huge loss for us,” said the All Blacks legend.

“The only good thing in the match was that we won beating tough opponents who use hands in a ruck.

“It is important for the players to take a rest. After the rest, we are going to prepare for the World Cup,” added Kirwan.

According to the team doctor, Ohata damaged his left Achilles tendon, while Ando injured his right knee.

Ohata, the former Montferrand winger, has scored 69 tries in Test matches, breaking the previous world record of 64 held by legendary Australian David Campese in May 2006.

The 31-year-old Ohata also injured his right Achilles tendon in January and he just came back to action scoring one try in a match against the Asian Barbarians earlier this month in Tokyo.

“It’s a severe blow for the team even if we lost one,” Japan captain Takuro Miuchi said.

“Especially, Ohata. What can I say to him. I’m very, very disappointed.”

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