Stabilised Chiefs coach Strawbridge moved to ward

Chiefs Assistant Coach and Manu Samoa Technical Advisor Andrew Strawbridge’s condition has improved to a level that has allowed him to be moved to a ward.

Strawbridge became ill on the flight to Samoa for the Test against the All Blacks and was admitted to hospital in Samoa with an infection in his right eye and his condition deteriorated rapidly.

Last week Srawbridge was flown back to New Zealand and was in a critical condition in the Waikato Hospital Intensive Care Unit.

On Wednesday his condition improved and he started to make signals to his family.

Since then despite not being out of the woods yet, Strawbridge has been talking to medical staff and to his wife Laura and sister Susan. He has asked Laura for a text message to be sent to Dr Dave Galler in Samoa, thanking him and his team for saving him and helping him get home alive.

On Friday it was revealed that Strawbridge was moved to a ward and is in a stable condition.

His family are thrilled at Andrew’s progress and thank the incredible medical staff at the Waikato Hospital Intensive Care Unit.

Nearly $22,000 has been generously donated for the Strawbridge Givealittle appeal to provide medical equipment for the Moto’otua National Hospital Intensive Care Unit and the appeal continues with the money raised going towards medical equipment for the Moto’otua Intensive Care Unit in Samoa saved Andrew’s life.

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