Brennan has life ban reduced

An independent Appeal Committee has reduced the sanction imposed on Toulouse player Trevor Brennan, who was found guilty of Misconduct under the Heineken Cup Disciplinary Rules.

The independent Appeal Committee upheld the original decision of the independent Disciplinary Committee, which found Mr Brennan guilty of Misconduct in that during the Round 6 Heineken Cup Pool 5 match against Ulster Rugby at Stade Ernest Wallon on Sunday, 21 January, Mr Brennan entered one of the seating areas in the stadium and repeatedly struck an Ulster spectator namely Mr Patrick Bamford. Mr Brennan and his representatives elected not to attend the original hearing.

Having heard from Mr Brennan, several character witnesses and from ERC’s Disciplinary Officer during the appeal hearing, the Appeal Committee found that although the incident was of a very serious nature, in their view the original suspension, which was the maximum available, was disproportionate and should be reduced.

The Appeal Committee therefore suspended Mr Brennan from playing Rugby Union for five years (commencing, 1 June 2007) and furthermore imposed a five year suspension on Mr Brennan from participating in ERC tournaments in any capacity (commencing 1 June 2007).

The Committee also upheld the original fine of 25,000 euro imposed on Mr Brennan and the order to pay 5,000 euro compensation to Mr Bamford and the costs of convening the disciplinary hearing.

The independent Appeal Committee chaired by Wyn Williams QC (Wales) and also comprising Robert Horner (England) and Sheriff Bill Dunlop (Scotland) convened in Dublin on Friday, 1 June and communicated its decision to both parties today (Monday, 11 June).

The original independent Disciplinary Committee, which met in London on Friday, 16 March had imposed on Mr Brennan a lifetime suspension from playing Rugby Union and also imposed a lifetime ban on Mr Brennan from participating in any capacity in tournaments organised by ERC. Mr Brennan was also fined Euro 25,000 and was ordered to pay Euro 5,000 compensation to Mr Bamford and the costs of convening the hearing.

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