Reds beat Rebels in Melbourne

Out of the last five Super Rugby matches between the Melbourne based Rebels and the Queensland Reds the Reds have won four and the Rebels one.

Match detail

We are waiting for the kick off.

The Reds kick off and match is underway.

1.00: The Rebels kick for territory and find touch just inside the Reds 22.

2.00: The Reds win the line out but they the ball goes to ground and the Rebels get the put in.

4.00: The Rebels are controlling possession and are playing with intent forcing the Reds to defend.

5.00: There is a break in play for an injury to Dom Shipperley who will be stretchered off with what looks like a broken ankle.

6.00: The game resumes with a scrum on the Reds 22m line. The Rebels win the scrum and go through the phases on attack.

7.00: The Rebels maintain momentum but they fail to release the ball and concede a penalty to the Reds. They kick for touch but slice it and it goes straight out.

8.00: The Reds manage to split the Rebels as Rod Davies sucks in Jason Woodward and passes out to replacement winger Lachie Turner who races away to score the opening TRY! Harris was also involved in that break.

10.00: Mike Harris takes the conversion and nails it.

13.00: The Rebels win a penalty after the restart so Jason Woodward takes the kick and nails it. The Rebels are on the board.

13.00: Lachie Turner is yellow carded for a dangerous tackle on Bryce Hegarty.

17.00; The Reds apply some pressure on the Rebels in their 22 but they concede a penalty. They kick for touch.

18.00: The Reds win the line out and get the ball into the Rebels 22 again but then get pushed into touch.

19.00: The Rebels win the line out but its slow and goes dead. Reds scrum put in.

20.00: The Reds – still playing with a man down – win the scrum and run at the Rebels in the Rebels 22. The Reds win a penalty for tackling a player without the ball.

22.00: Harris takes the penalty kick from in front and misses for the first time. Hit the post.

23.00: Oh wow. Ben Tapuai chips the ball through, Davies chases and gets the ball and passes to Mike Harris who scores making it look so easy. TRY!

24.00: Harris misses the conversion.

26.00: Turner is back on and tries a run to break through the Rebels but he is tackled and the ball is not released. Penalty to the Rebels. They kick for touch.

29.00: The Reds win a line out and initially they get pushed back. Tapaui makes some ground with a run but then the whistle goes. Mitch Inman shoulder charges  Beau Robinson and is yellow carded.

30.00: The Reds work the ball to the Rebels corner and Holmes comes close but is held up/out. We go back for a penalty and the Reds kick for the corner.

32.00: The Reds win the line out and use the maul. The ball spills out and Nick Frisby slips around the maul and scores. TRY!

33.00: Mike Harris takes the conversion kick and misses again.

35.00: After the restart the Reds try to clear the ball but it gets charged down. Jason Woodward goes for the corner and James Horwill just shoves him into touch.

38.00: The Reds work the ball down into the Rebels 22 and they use the maul again after the line out and almost exactly as he did before Nick Frisby scores his second and the Reds bonus point TRY! This time the Rebels did tackle him but he still got there.

40.00: As the siren sounds Harris takes the kick and misses again. Almost charged down.

Its half time.

The half time score was Rebels 3 Reds 22

The Rebels kick off and we are underway with the second half.

42.00: The Reds win an early penalty as James Horwill is tackled by Scott Higginbotham around the head in a maul.

43.00: The Rebels go through several phases on attack but then they lose the ball and the Reds tu

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