Crusaders beat Rebels in Melbourne

The Rebels have had very mixed form this season as they comfortably beat the Cheetahs in their opening match and were then humbled by the Western Force last week.

Match detail

We are waiting for the kick off.

The Rebels kick off and we are underway.

1.00: The Crusaders withstand some early pressure and then Colin Slade kicks for touch.

2.00: Penalty to the Rebels for not releasing. Woodward will take the kick from a fair distance out and he slots it.

5.00: The Rebels concede a penalty to the Crusader from the scrum just inside the Crusaders half for collapsing. They kick for touch and the line out.

7.00: Penalty to the Crusaders. Tom Taylor takes the kick and slots it. The Crusaders are on the board.

9.00: The Rebels work the ball back into the Crusaders half. The Crusaders play the ball on the ground (Luke Romano) so the Rebels have a penalty.

10.00: Woodward takes the kick and slots it.

12.00: The Crusaders go through the phases on attack and get the ball into the Rebels 22.

13.00: The Crusaders win a penalty after a tackle from Colin Slade. Tom Taylor takes the penalty kick and slots it to level the scores.

15.00: Another penalty. Woodward takes the kick for the Rebels but this one he misses.

17.00: The Crusaders work the ball into the Rebels 22. Slade passes the inside ball to Crotty on attack but the Crusaders are stopped. They win a penalty and take the quick tap but the Rebels hold them out with some quick thinking defence. The Rebels do however knock on.

18.00: The Crusders scrum inside the Rebels 22 battles to complete and has to be reset several times. Penalty to the Crusaders from the scrum (angling in).

19.00: Taylor takes the penalty kick for posts. He just curls it in. The Crusaders lead for the first time.

22.00: The Rebels get good attacking ball down the wing but Mitch Inman’s chip ahead goes into touch.  Crotty has taken a knock and is getting some help from the medics. He carries on.

24.00: The Crusaders attack is starting to wake up. They are starting to open up. They work the ball into the Rebels 22 but the home side hold them out.

26.00: The Crusaders are putting the Rebels under real pressure and they are holding them out for now. However the Rebels do concede a penalty and they get a warning.

27.00: Taylor takes the penalty kick and slots it.

28.00: The Crusaders are playing with great structure but possibly a little stiff. They are going through the motions and at times almost looking like they want to avoid contact by passing the ball early.

29.00: The Crusaders get a 22 drop out but it’s charged down. There is a chase for the ball and Israel Dagg has to take the ball over the tryline and dot it down giving the Rebels a 5m scrum.

30.00: The Rebels win the scrum but the Crusaders turn it over after a couple of Rebels recycles. Nafi Tuitavake has come off – for blood so  Nemani Nadolo is on.

32.00: The Rebels try to attack in centrefield but they knock on. Bryce Hegarty gets some help. He carries on.

34.00: Penalty from the scrum to the Crusaders. They kick for touch but don’t find it so the Rebels kick back and out.

35.00: The Crusaders win the line out but Slade passes to Dagg and he passes down the line and they knock on.

38.00: Penalty to the Rebels from the scrum. They kick for touch, win the line out and attack in the Crusaders half. the Crusaders hold them out and Laurie Weeks goes down after a collision so he gets some help from the medics.

39.00: The Rebels are doing most of the attacking now. They can’t get through and have an advantage. When the attack loses momentum we go back for the penalty. Woodward will kick for posts.

40.00: Woodward takes the shot and slots it. It’s half time.

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