Braid confident Blues can beat Bulls

Blues captain Luke Braid has admitted that they got it wrong last year when they played the Bulls and this year they will play it differently.

Braid says that the Blues took an approach of kicking the ball too often against the Bulls last year so this year they will us a differenct approach.

The Blues have not had as much preparation time as they would have liked due to some unseasonal rainy weather in Pretoria.

Braid says that they early emphasis has been on getting the younger members of the team who are visiting South Africa for the first time to be more familiar with what is expected from them on and off the field.

“I love to come over here. It is good to experience the South African rugby culture. It’s also good for the team to have a tour early in the competition. “

“We came over later in the competition last year and it wasn’t quite the same. I prefer earlier season tours,” Braid told Sportal.

Braid said that the team is acclimatising to the altitude as both of their games will be played at alttitude and they are trying to get their bodies right before the game.

One advantage that the wet weather has brought is that it is not as hot in Pretoria as it normally would be for this time of year.

The Blues will be facing a Bulls team that have just won their first match and have a good line out and maul with backs ready to run when given the chance.

Braid said that the younger players realise that they will be playing against big men who will be almost throwing themselves at the Blues and they needed to be in the right mindset for the type of physical battle.

“But I’m confident we can beat them,” he said.

“Now we’ve got that win behind us we can start to build back up and set about what we are trying to do.

“We got a lot right against the Crusaders and it is amazing what a win can do for your body, there’s not so many niggles.”

“The boys were pretty bouncy on Saturday after the win,” he said.

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