Glasgow give Ospreys their first Pro 12 defeat

Glasgow Warriors handed the Ospreys their first defeat of the Pro12 League season with a 28-17 victory at Firhill on Friday.

After Duncan Wier took the early lead with an easy penalty owing to a slightly
overzealous scrummaging effort from the visitors, a scrappy first half saw little
to impress from either side.

Hosts Glasgow Warriors were ruthless, maintaining possession for much of the
half but struggling to make the hard yards. Ospreys on the other hand, dominated
the set piece in order to keep things on an even, tryless keel.

Only the boot of Matthew Morgan truly impressed in the opening half, with four
powerful penalties that were not only from long range, but had enough legs for
the residents of the neighbouring flats to be concerned about their windows.

The second half was a different proverbial kettle of fish as Glasgow came back
from the break determined to play catch up.

Prevented from going over the line
by a mere three meters, their initial burst led by Man of the match Chris Cusiter
gave rise to just three points as a misfired tackle awarded Weir the kicking
tee to bring the sides within three points.

Ospreys looked to have re- gained control but a misfired drop goal followed
by a panicked high tackle put the game back in Glasgow’s hands with an
equalising penalty.

At the hour, Richard Hibbard was sin binned after a side
entry at the ruck that was an infringement too far for referee Carlo Damasco.

Warriors took advantage of being one man up immediately and Richie Gray did
the honours with a try that went over by the skin of his little finger.

Weir’s conversion was just as close but was just enough to edge them
into the lead with 17 minutes on the clock.

That lead did not have to wait long
to be extended, when an all out rampage from the hosts was brought up short
by a late tackle that saw Weir take the tee once again and within five minutes
yet another long range effort had given Matthew Morgan’s performance in
the first half an answer.

Weir tried to add insult to injury with another penalty with barely a minute
to go but after a penalty went the visitors way, Matthew Morgan got to storm
over the line for a consolatory try in the final moments.

The difficult angle
saw it unconverted and all was left was the blow of the ref’s whistle
and the celebrations of the home crowd.

Final Score Glasgow (6) 28 Ospreys (12) 17


Tries: Gray
Cons: Weir
Pens: Weir 7

Try: M Morgan
Pens: M Morgan 4

Referee: Carlo Damasco (FIR)


Glasgow Warriors: Stuart Hogg; Tommy Seymour, Rob Dewey, Graeme Morrison, Colin Shaw; Duncan Weir, Chris Cusiter; Gordon Reid, Pat MacArthur, Mike Cusack, Richie Gray, Tom Ryder, Rob Harley (capt), Chris Fusaro, Ryan Wilson.

Replacements: Dougie Hall, Gordon Reid, Ed Kalman, Tom Ryder, John Barclay, Colin Gregor, Troy Nathan, Federico Aramburu.

Ospreys: Richard Fussell; Tommy Bowe, Sonny Parker, Andrew Bishop, Eli Walker; Matthew Morgan, Rhys Webb; Duncan Jones, Mefin Davies, Cai Griffiths, Ian Gough, Ian Evans, Tom Smith, Joe Bearman, Jonathan Thomas (capt).

Replacements: Richard Hibbard, Aaron Jarvis, Ryan Bevington, James King, George Stowers, Kahn Fotuali’i, Ashley Beck, Hanno Dirksen

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