Toulon forward slapped with 120 day Rugby ban

Toulon forward Olivier Missoup has been handed a 120-day ban by France’s national rugby league (LNR) following a post-match assault on Montpellier’s Remy Martin in the Top14.

Missoup was Monday handed a three-month ban by a Montpellier court and ordered to pay damages to Martin after being accused of an assault which prompted a brawl between the players and left Martin requiring 10 stitches in his lip.

The forward appealed the sanction but after a LNR disciplinary hearing Thursday he was ordered to sit out competitive rugby until February 9, 2012.

“The discinplinary commission has decided to suspend Olivier Missoup for 120 days for bringing the game of rugby into disrepute,” a statement from the LNR said.

Missoup has the right of appeal and must do so within 10 days of the LNR decision.

The incident occurred on September 30 at a post-match reception, following Montpellier’s 19-6 home win over Toulon.

Both players, former teammates at Stade Francais, had tussled during the match.

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