Sharks beat Blues in Durban

The Sharks have beaten the Blues in their last six matches and the Blues have not won in Durban since 2004.

On their last four visits to Durban the Blues have left as the losers.

Match detail

We are waiting for the kick off 


The match is underway.


2.00: The Sharks start by working the ball into the Blues 25. McLeod jabs the ball through the Blues but Isaia Toeava is there and thwarts the attack.


3.00: Keegan Daniels pops through the Sharks defence and comes close. The Sharks recycle as Kankowski goes and then gets stopped. The Sharks keep the ball alive and Patrick Lambie darts through and scores the first try of the match.  


5.00: Lambie takes the conversion kick and slots it.


7.00: The Sharks are dominating the early stages of this match. They are constantly attacking the Blues. The attack wins them a penalty. Lambie will kick for posts.


8.00: Lambie takes the kick and nails it.


10.00: Kankowski gives away a penalty so Stephen Brett takes the penalty shot and nails it.


12.00: The Sharks are still running hard at the Blues. The only time the Blues have been in the Sharks half was when they got that penalty.


16.00: The Blues win another penalty. Stephen Brett takes the shot and nails it. Six points is a good return for how much ball the Blues have had.


19.00: Willem Alberts takes a Blues player high so the Blues get a penalty and kick for touch. They lose the line out. The Sharks kick the ball back and it goes straight to Joe Rokocoko who runs through the Sharks but their final defence catches him.


21.00;Lwazi Mvovo has a run and Alby Mathewson chases and beats Mvovo to the ball saving a try.


24.00: The Blues give away a penalty (Anthony Boric). Lambie takes the kick and he nails this one too.


26.00: The Beast gives away a penalty at the scrum for putting his hand down. The Blues get another shot at the post.


27.00: Brett takes the kick and nails it.


29.00: Lambie goes for a drop goal but misses. From the restart the Blues try to run it out of their 25 but they knock on so the Sharks get an attacking scrum in the Blues 25. The Blues then give away a penalty so Lambies gets yet another kick for the posts.


31.00: Lambie takes the kick and nails it.


33.00: The Blues are on attack but Stephen Brett’s pass goes very wrong and very forward. The players get a short drinks break before the scrum.


35.00: The Sharks are still full of attack and the Blues can only defend. The Blues get a scrum in their 25, they win the scrum and try to clear, the Sharks are all over Brett but he gets the ball away.


37.00: The Sharks have the ball and keep bashing away at the Blues. It’s pretty relentless but they also give away a penalty. Brett kicks for touch.


39.00: The Blues have a line out on the half way line. They win the line out and spread the ball wide. As they get to the other side the Sharks infringe and Brett gets another chance for a penalty kick.


41.00: Brett takes the kick from inside his own half. He misses. It’s half time.


The half time score was Sharks 16 Blues 9


The second half is underway.


42.00: The Sharks start very well and run the ball into the Blues half. They go through the phases

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