Toulouse angry after Glasgow refuse to play

Current Heineken Cup champions Toulouse have been left distinctly unamused by Glasgow’s refusal to play their European Cup tie until missing shoe inserts, contact lenses and other specialist equipment turns up.

The Glasgow players arrived in the French city on Friday minus their baggage, delayed in London by the arctic snap.

The match is finally due to take place on Tuesday, with the Scottish team’s bags finally expected to be flown in hours before the evening kick-off.

At a press conferecne on Monday Toulouse president Rene Bouscatel was irked that their offer of providing replacement kit had been rejected by their Scottish rivals.

“There is a certain amateurism, not only from the Scots, but also the organisers,” Bouscatel said, adding that he was surprised the Glasgow players hadn’t kept their most important equipment with them as hand luggage on the plane.

The Toulouse president complained that delaying the fixture by three days had hit supporters and local businesses hard.

“It’s more than just a game, it’s an event with an economy around it.”

Toulouse are demanding 100,000 euros in compensation for the delay from organisers European Cup Rugby, and in the event of a fresh delay, they are requesting to be awarded a win and five points.

Glasgow spokesman Stuart Martin sought to play down the rift, explaining that the missing luggage contained “essential medical supplies”.

“They are elite athletes, the players use specifically designed equipment. For the shoe inserts, it takes weeks to manufacture them,” he said.

Martin thanked Toulouse for their efforts in trying to solve the situation, adding that this situation “could happend to anyone”.

Toulouse head Pool 6 ahead of this fourth round of matches on 12 points, from Wasps on 10, with Glasgow in third on four points and Dragons last on one point.

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