S14 – Week 6 – Stats

There was the historic thriller in Perth this weekend when the lead changed twice in dramatic fashion in the last four minutes. There were also convincing displays by the Highlanders, the Brumbies, the Bulls, the Blues and the Sharks.

We shall discuss some interesting incidents later but here we shall give some statistics around possession.

Soundsure have been a huge help with much of the statistics, as they always are.

“Stoppages” is the total of penalties, free kicks, line-outs, scrums and their infernal resets, and drop-outs.

The Blues have scored the most tries, the Bulls have conceded the most penalties and the Reds have the most disciplinary problems

The Crusaders and the Chiefs rested this weekend after their African safaris.

Sanctionary Cards

There were three cards – for the David Croft (Reds), Justin Melck (Stormers) and Luke Andrews (Hurricanes). It was Croft’s third.

The Bulls must be lucky not to have a yellow card as they conceded ten of their 18 penalties at the tackle alone. But they did not escape altogether as JP Nel was cited and suspended for three weeks for a “swinging arm” offence against Rocky Elsom.


Troy Flavell (Blues) – stamping
Clark Dermody (Highlanders) – punching
Jono Gibbes (Chiefs) – high tackle
Marty Holah (Chiefs) – tackle infringement
George Smith (Brumbies) – tackle infringement
Jaque Fourie (Lions) – spear tackle
James Horwill (Reds) – tackle infringement
Mitch Chapman (Reds) – tackle infringement)
Schalk Burger (Stormers) – late tackle

David Pocock (Western Force – tackle infringement
Lucky Mulipola (Highlanders) – air tackle
Alistair Campbell (Brumbies) – tackle infringement

Schalk Burger (Stormers) – tackle infringement
George Smith (Brumbies) – fighting
David Croft (Reds) – fighting
Lloyd Johansson (Reds) – dangerous tackle
Anton Leonard (Bulls) – dangerous tackle
Junior Pelesasa (Western Force) – dangerous tackle
Toby Lynn (Chiefs) – stamping

Ma’a Nonu (Hurricanes) – foul play
David Croft (Reds) – tackle law infringement
Dwayne Sweeney (Chiefs) – dangerous tackle

Jaco van der Westhuysen (Bulls) – tackle law infringement

David Croft (Reds) – tackle law infringement
Justin Melck (Stormers) – tackle law infringement
Luke Andrews (Hurricanes) – man without the ball
Cited and Suspended

Lloyd Johansson (Reds)

JP Nel (Bulls)

(i) Highlanders vs Reds

Penalties conceded

Highlanders: 6
Reds: 5


The first line-out in the match came after 30 minutes.

Highlanders: 12
Reds: 16 (2 lost, 2 skew, 1 reset)


Highlanders: 13 (6 reset, 1 free kick)
Reds: 5 (1 reset, 2 free kicks, 1 lost)

Free kicks

Highlanders: 2 (scrums)
Reds: 1 (scrum)


Highlanders: 1
Reds: 0

Stoppages: 69


Highlanders: 34
Reds: 22

Tackle/ruck/maul: 177


Played: 18
Effected: 9

(ii) Brumbies vs Stormers

Penalties conceded

Brumbies: 8
Stormers: 10


Brumbies: 12 (2 lost, 1 skew)
Stormers: 9 (12 skew, 1 quick, 1 free kick)


Brumbies: 15 (5 reset, 1 free kick)
Stormers: 9 (4 reset, 1 penalty, 1 free kick)

Free kicks

Brumbies: 1 (scrum)
Stormers: 2 (1 line-out, 1 scrum)


Brumbies: 0
Stormers: 2

Stoppages: 77


Brumbies: 22
Stormers: 13

Tackles/rucks/mauls: 180

Advantage :

Played: 21
Effected: 9

(iii) Force vs Hurricanes

Penalties conceded

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