Attoub lodges appeal on 70 week gouging ban

Stade Francais Paris player David Attoub has lodged an appeal against both the finding of foul play and level of sanction imposed by an independent Disciplinary Hearing last Tuesday (19th January, 2010).

The independent Judicial Officer, HH Judge Jeff Blackett (England), found that David Attoub was guilty of foul play in contravention of Law 10.4 (l) in that he made contact with the eye / eye area of Ulster Rugby player Stephen Ferris (No 6) and that the offence was at the top end in the level of seriousness.

Having taken into account any mitigating and aggravating factors the independent Judicial Officer suspended the player for a period of 70 weeks running up to and including 22 April, 2011.

The Independent Appeal Committee will be appointed as soon as practicable.

Under the IRB Recommended Sanctions for Offences Committed within the Playing Enclosure, contact with the eyes / eye area carries the following penalties:

Lower End: 12 weeks
Middle Range: 18 weeks
Top End: 24 weeks+
Maximum Sanction: 156 weeks

















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