Heroes applauded at Rome airport

It was not the sort of triumph conquering Roman armies enjoyed – no march up the Via Sacra to sacrifice a white bull to Jupiter, but it was rare praise for a rugby team in Italy – spontaneous applause at Rome’s Leonardo Da Vinci Airport.

Traditionally rugby is a little followed sport in Italy where soccer is massive, but it seems the nation is now aware of the exploits of its national rugby team and rejoiced in the 37-17 victory over the Scots in Edinburgh on Saturday.

When the team came into the concourse at the airport, waiting passengers and others applauded them.

The players brought with them newspapers, reporting the match.

The headline in Scotland on Sunday read: Seven long minutes of sheer madness.
Similarly the Sunday Telegraph‘s headline read: Italy make Scotland pay for five minutes of madness.
The Observer proclaimed: Scotland give themselves a thrashing.
The Sunday Times thundered: Italy catch Scots cold, as it heralded a “new dawn for Italy”.

The Italian side will stay together till Wednesday and then reconvene on Sunday to prepare, with renewed confidence, to face Wales.

Italian coach Pierre Berbizier has invited two extra players as cover for his front row injuries – prop Fabio Staibano and hooker Leonardo Ghiraldini, who were both in the A team this past weekend.


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