Super 15 hits a wall as SARugby want January start

SANZAR are facing a couple of major hurdles if they plan to go ahead with expanding the Super 14 to a Super 15 as South Africa, Australia and New Zealand have failed to agree on a couple of big issues at the recent meeting in Dubai.

According to TVNZ it has emerged that the South African Rugby Union are set to dig their heels in over the changes to the Super Rugby calendar from 2011.

The SARugby Union say that the days of them being pushed around are over and they do not want the Super 15 to interfere with the Currie Cup calendar for which they have already pre-sold the TV rights to.

SARU President Oregan Hoskins wants the expanded Super Rugby competition to start in January so that it doesn’t clash with the domestic Currie Cup.

Hoskins says that they will not change the dates for the Currie Cup which is the world’s oldest running rugby competition.

Hoskins added that they’ve always started their Currie Cup at a particular time after Super 14 and he can’t see that changing.

Australia and it is believed to a lesser degree New Zealand want the new tournament to start in March as people do not attend matches in great numbers before then and in Australia it is too hot to play rugby before the middle of January.

Australia have led the drive to expand the Super 14 as they have no domestic rugby tournament of significance and they are hoping that if the tournament runs from March to August it will fill their otherwise empty rugby calendar.

The other point of conflict is the 15th team as South Africa and Australia both want the 15th team even though it will be based in the Australian conference.

Hoskins said they need to agree now who should comprise the 15th team as there are competing bids.

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