Former All Black writes off Six Nations teams for 2011 Wor

Former All Black ZinZan Brooke who rarely has anything good to say about Northern Hemisphere teams has already written off all of the Six Nations teams.

Writing in his BBC column Brooke says that all of the Six Nations team will not get past the Semi finals and possibly even the quarter finals depending on the opposition even though the tournament is three years ago.

Brooke seems to think that all of the Southern Hemisphere teams will be able to maintain their form and will improve but the Northern Hemisphere teams will not improve enough to be able to match them at their current levels.

“The draw for the World Cup may have been done, but on the evidence of the autumn internationals, none of the northern hemisphere teams can win it.” said Brooke.

“Sure, everyone is capable of putting on a run, and on current form you would have to say that of all the northern hemisphere teams Wales are best equipped to progress in the tournament. ”

“But I would not see them getting past the semi-final or even, depending on the opposition, the quarter-final. ”

Brooke then tries to justify his comments by pointing out that the Southern Hemisphere teams had been at the end of a long season, “you have to remember that Australia, New Zealand and South Africa came to the UK off the back of a long hard season.

“They’ll be better prepared come the 2011 World Cup.”

Brooke conveniently forgets that the Northern Hemisphere teams have actually endured more rugby since the world cup and that the southern hemisphere players have had a full season under the new rules whereas teams like England who constantly found themselves on the wrong side of the referee were playing their first matches together under the ELVs.

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