Nine newcomers in Japan Five Nations squad

Japan coach John Kirwan on Friday named nine newcomers in his 30-man squad for the inaugural Asian Five Nations tournament to be played in late April and May.

The New Zealand legend also picked two younger compatriots, James Arlidge and Shaun Webb, as stand-offs for the team due to face Hong Kong, South Korea, Kazakhstan and the Arabian Gulf in the tournament.

The newcomers included scrum-half Fumiaki Tanaka, 23, the 2007 rookie of the year in Japan’s Top League.

Japan squad


Forwards (17):


Tatsukichi Nishiura (Coca Cola), Akira Ozaki (Suntory), Yuta Inose (NEC), Taku Inokuchi (Toshiba), Yusuke Aoki (Suntory), Tomokazu Soma (Sanyo), Yosuke Ikegaya (Suntory), Hitoshi Ono (Toshiba), Tomoaki Taniguchi (Toyota), Taira Sato (NEC), Toshizumi Kitagawa (Toyota), Koji Shinozuka (Suntory), Takuro Miuchi (NEC), Hare Makiri (Fukuoka Sanix), Takashi Kikutani (Toyota), Koliniasi Holani (Sanyo), Yoshitaka Nakayama (Toyota)


Backs (13):


Tomoki Yoshida (Toshiba), Fumiaki Tanaka (Sanyo), James Arlidge (formerly NTT DoCoMo), Shaun Webb (World), Shotaro Onishi (Yamaha), Yuta Imamura (Kobe Steel), Koji Taira (Suntory), Ryan Nicholas (Suntory), Hirotoki Onozawa (Suntory), Kosuke Endo (Toyota), Tatsuya Kusumi (Toyota), Bryce Robins (NEC), Go Aruga (Suntory)

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