Umaga & Masoe in handbags incident

The embarrassment to Chris Masoe and Tana Umaga in this one will be enormous. The Hurricanes’ management have issued a public apology on behalf of the pair, after an altercation allegedly involving a misguided punch, the use of a handbag as a weapon, and a broken cellphone.

It’s a story that was originally dismissed due to it’s incredulity. The telegraph is reporting that New Zealand Rugby Union have cleared former All Blacks captain Tana Umaga after he was involved in a nightclub scuffle following Saturday’s Super 14 final.

It was alleged that the Wellington Hurricanes centre (Umaga) used a handbag to hit team-mate Chris Masoe in an effort to break up a scuffle between the player and another guest in a Christchurch nightclub. Yes that’s right, Umaga hit Masoe’s head with a handbag.

Masoe has been fined about $3000 for his part in the incident, but officials said they accepted Umaga’s word that he was trying to defuse the situation, and that he had no case to answer.

A woman’s cellphone was damaged in the incident. Masoe’s head is reported to be fine. The Wellington union conducted an investigation and cleared Umaga of any serious misconduct.

The former All Black captain described the incident as “regrettable” and that a mobile phone which was broken inside the handbag had been replaced.

Witnesses said Masoe had burst into tears when he was hit over the head.

Ed. I wonder Brian O’ Driscoll is thinking now.

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