Hurricanes players annoy bar patrons

Hurricanes team bosses have had to apologise for “distasteful” behaviour from some of their players in a bar after a complaint was received from a disgruntled patron.

A lady from Upper Hutt was at The Tote Bar located next to Trentham racecourse said that the rugby players made sexual gestures and bullied their way round the bar and they threatened to “smash anyone” who looked at them.

“It is no wonder soccer is getting so popular in New Zealand, if these rugby players continue to act this arrogant out in public,” the woman said to The Dominion Post.

The Tote Bar manager Sonny Rangi however saw the players but said that he did not see anything wrong and was unaware of the complaints about their behaviour.

The lady also complained that the players jumped the queue that was outside the bar and then once they got inside they caused trouble.

“The cup carnival was an amazing day and The Tote staff definitely need to be congratulated for putting up with such behaviour.”

The lady said that her friend was waiting at the bar when one of the players tried to push in the line, “After this attempt failed, he stood behind my friend only to soon be caught making inappropriate sexual gestures behind them.”

Hurricanes boss Greg Peters did not name the players but said that team management and senior players had spoken to the players concerned.

“They regret their actions and have been reminded of their responsibilities as role models.”


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