White still thinks Springboks need him

South Africa’s World Cup-winning coach Jake White is not giving up on his quest to once again have an involvement with the Springboks.

The Springboks were in the middle of a losing streak in the Tri Nations but managed to halt that with a record victory over the Wallabies at Coca Cola (Ellis) Park.

Instead of backing off after the turnaround White has increased calls for him to be appointed to a new-look role as director of rugby within SARU.

White’s contract was not renewed after he delivered the Rugby World Cup for South Africa and then he released his autobiography which catalogued a long list of grievances against South African rugby.

He also took a marketing job out of rugby for a telecommunications company but now says that he is adamant he now wants to return to Springbok rugby fin a role that would see him supporting the Bok coaching staff which is headed by the self-appointed disciple, Peter de Villiers.

“As you are now aware I am promoting the idea of a ‘Director of Rugby’ in order to facilitate an easier succession and assist the coaching staff,” he wrote on his blog page.

“This is not meant to be in competition or as boss of the current coaching staff but rather as a sounding board to the coaches.

“That is why I was at pains to point out that this would add value without usurping the role, functions or decision-making powers of the coaching staff.

“Just as I needed Eddie Jones’ experience to bring home the 2007 World Cup so too can Peter de Villiers and the coaches benefit from mine.

“The common goal is after all to make the Springboks the number one team in World rugby.”

After White resigned it seemed unlikely that he would have any further involvement with South African rugby but last week when he first aired his thoughts on a director’s role last week SARU boss Oregan Hoskins initially stated that it was irrelevant as the role did not exist.

Later in the week Hoskins appeared to have warmed to the idea saying that SA Rugby bosses would discuss the merits of the idea.

White described the Springboks’ win in Johannesburg as “emphatic” and said that it highlighted what a talented group of players de Villiers had at his disposal.

De Villiers will now have to submit a report on why the Springboks came last in the TriNations.

White said it was important that the hard work did not end with the record win over the Wallabies, saying he still had concerns.

“The next step is to build on that victory which means that right now we have to look back and see why the team did not perform as it can on a regular basis,” he wrote.

“We need to sort out the problems that are holding us back and result in us underachieving. One result will not provide the answer to those questions.

“We need to establish the things that are holding us back and why they are occasioning defeats on one Saturday and victory on the next.

“We have to be consistent and that comes from identifying where these problems are. There is a world of difference between losing and being beaten.”



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