Waratahs lose their CEO after 10 months

The Waratahs won a Super Rugby title in 2014

Waratahs boss Greg Harris will leave the Sydney Super Rugby franchise just
10 months after he joined the rugby club.

According to reports in Sydney CEO Harris chose not to re-apply for an extension
for his contract which on December 31.

The Sydney Super Rugby franchise won their first Super Rugby title in 2014
but have lost several of their stars and the coach who masterminded the title
has moved up to take on the Wallabies job.

The reports suggest that the restructure of the governance of both the Waratahs
and NSW Rugby who operate as separate entities has upset several parties and
and created conflicts.

Harris has played down his departure by saying that he only signed on until
the end of the year.

“My contract was only ever for a period ending 31 December 2015, ” Harris
told the Daily Telegraph.

“As such my decision is not really a resignation but a decision not
to seek a renewal of the agreement, which has been superseded anyway by the
decision of the Waratahs and NSWRU Boards to restructure and go to market for
a new CEO role. “

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