Super Rugby teams to decide how Boks are rested

The South African Rugby Union have moved to clear up speculation about how much rest their Springbok players should be given in the Super Rugby season.

SARU says that they reached an understanding with the five South African Super Rugby franchises on how much game time a group of Springbok players would get.

At a pre-season meeting between SARU’s CEO, the Springbok Coach and Rugby Department staff, with union CEOs and coaching representatives the group of Springbok players was identifed and the guidelines for those players.

The Two principles were identified as being ideal:

i) That players should not play more than five consecutive weeks.
ii) That certain Springbok players should have a number of weeks of rest during the tournament (two to four weeks depending on each player’s personal needs and position and the franchise’s playing resources).
Note: Bye weeks are not considered as a rest week (although they do trigger a restart of the count of consecutive weeks) while injury weeks are ‘invisible’ (i.e. a player injured for two weeks during the first seven weeks of the tournament would be regarded as having played five consecutive weeks at the end of week seven).

SARU said that the understanding is not legally binding so the final decision rests with the Super Rugby franchise and not SARU.

“The players are primarily the assets of the Unions and they will have their different dynamics and needs at different stages of the season,” said SARU CEO Jurie Roux.

“We worked towards the understanding to prioritise Springbok readiness for the international season and the Rugby World Cup but we realise it is a balancing act for coaches in terms of juggling their union’s needs and the national interest.

“The important thing for SARU was to take the initiative to try and find a solution to questions relating to player workload. If we get 90% compliance during the season it will be a 100% improvement on where we were a year ago when no player could expect any break.

“If franchises feel they are unable to stick to the letter of the understanding that is less than ideal but we would expect them to stick as close to it as possible in the interests of the Springboks.”

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