Six Nations could move to April

Bill Beaumont is pushing for the Six Nations to be moved

The Six Nations could be moved from it’s current slot in February to April as World Rugby looks to integrate the northern and southern hemisphere rugby seasons.

Newly appointed World Rugby chairman Bill Beaumont has made it one of his priorities to sort out the global rugby calendar.

Normally rugby tours are booked years in advance but no tours have been booked beyond the 2019 World Cup as Unions around the world are working towards a global season.

Earlier this year Six Nations Rugby Ltd chief executive John Feehan said that moving the Six Nations from its traditional February-March slot was “non-negotiable” but Beaumont is pushing for a change.

“The game has changed undoubtedly and you have got to keep moving,” Beaumont, who spent four years as chairman of the Six Nations, told The Times.

“I think you have got to be prepared to look at it (moving by a month). That could well be a solution. Everybody has to take a look at it.”

The timing of the Six Nations appears to be the major stumbling block for a global season and it would need to be backed by the England and France Rugby Unions.

The move would allow Super Rugby to run uninterrupted with the Northern Hemisphere touring the Southern Hemisphere in July rather than in June as they do now.

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