Scotland suffer double ban blow for World Cup

Jonny Gray has been ruled out for Scotland this weekend

Scotland’s Ross Ford and Jonny Gray will both miss the rest of the 2015 Rugby World Cup after both were given three week bans.

The ban rules the pair out of this weekend’s Rugby World Cup quarter final against Australia at Twickenham and then any further matches that Scotland could qualify for.

The Scottish pair were cited by “independent” citing commissioner Scott Nowland of Australia for incidents in the match against Samoa in Newcastle.

If Scotland were to reach the final they would have three matches remaining so the pair will not be able to return to the field in the rugby world cup.

Both players have denied the charges against them and will have 48 hours to appeal their bans.

Details of the specific incidents have not been released, however judicial officer Christopher Quinlan ruled “each player committed an act of foul play contrary to law. ”

“Tackles involving a player being lifted off the ground and tipped horizontally and were then either forced or dropped to the ground must be dealt with severely by match officials and all those involved in the disciplinary process.”

Ford was accused of a dangerous tackle and Gray was said to have committed an illegal tip tackle during the 36-33 win that secured Scotland’s place in the last eight.

Scotland resource coach Nathan Hines had said earlier he did not pick up on the tackles during the match and “it was only until the (Australian) citing commissioner picked up on it and issued his report.”

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  1. Rugby Week

    15th October 2015 at 7:46 am

    We want to know how World Rugby saw fit to appoint an Australian in that capacity when the possibilities of who Scotland would play next was well known weeks ago.

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