Lancaster defends England’s scrum

Joe Marler's scrumming technique has been questioned

England head coach Stuart Lancaster has defended England’s scrum after former Australia coach Bob Dwyer called World Rugby officials to pay special attention
to prop Joe Marler.

Dwyer launched an attack on England’s scrum earlier this week in the hope that the referee for this weekend’s clash between England and Australia Romain Poite
would crack down on any illegalities from the English scrum.

England’s scrum gained dominance against Wales but they were repeatedly pinged at the breakdown which kept Wales in the match and eventually allowed them to
take the lead.

World Rugby officials have since admitted that four penalties awarded to Wales should not have been awarded but nothing can be done after the result which
is why Dwyer wants England to be blown off the park in penalties at scrum time.

Dwyer paid speical attention to Joe Marler who he claimed is scrumming at an illegal angle.

Lancaster has refused to dignify Dwyer’s remarks with a response but did defend his players and their scrum.

“We don’t get a chance to speak to referees before World Cup games but we’re in constant dialogue with (referees manager) Joel Jutge,” said Lancaster.

“Certainly over the last couple of years we’ve had very good feedback from him, consistently.

“I think our scrum has been good, honest and excellent across the last three years.

“We’ve also got a high-quality referee in Romain Poite and he’s more than capable of refereeing this game without anyone’s help. I’m sure.”

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