Jones wants unfit England to “use the hatred”

Eddie Jones says England are not fit enough for international rugby

England head coach Eddie Jones accepts that England are a hated side but he says that they can use the “hatred”as an extra motivating factor.

Australian Eddie Jones says he can “feel” the “long-seated rivalry” towards England ahead of their match against Champions Ireland.

The match will be England’s first at their Twickenham home in this year’s tournament having beaten Scotland and Italy away from home.

“Maybe Clive Woodward summed it up best when he said everyone hates England – that’s true,” Jones told the BBC.

“I’m not going to use it, but within the side they can use it. As I said when I took over, I’m not English, I’m Australian, but I will be absolutely committed to them.”

Jones also said that he sees Manu Tuilagi’s future in the England team at 12 once he regains full fitness with Leicester Tigers.

“Inside centre is his best position,” said Jones. “He’s not a 13. That’s what I know he’s not. ”

“He’s definitely a 12. He can carry the ball across the gain line.”

“He threw a beautiful left to right pass on Friday night. Then he threw a terrible right to left. So maybe he’s left handed!

“He’s got all the attributes to be an outstanding 12.”

Jones says that his England team are still a “work in progress” but has praised his players for “commitment”, “taking initiative” and “being independent”.

The head coach is expecting England to face and aerial bombardment from the reigning champions Ireland as he says, “They kick 70% of their ball away. If they want to do that, good luck to them.

“It has worked for them. It is not the way I think you should play rugby, but it has been successful for them, so good luck.”

Jones also says that the England team are not fit enough for international rugby.

“They’re not right for international rugby, that’s the distinction,” Jones told ITV.

“They’re right for club rugby. They can play club rugby 365 days of the year but international rugby is faster, there’s more accelerations, the running speed is higher and you need to have a different sort of training for international rugby.”

“One of the things I’ve noticed since I’ve been back is how professional and how well structured the clubs are. They’ve got strength and conditioning staff and medical staff at rates nowhere else in the world have.

“You’ve got to remember they’re coaching players to be successful at club level, they’re not coaching their players to be successful at international level, which is 100 per cent right.

“We’ve got to get them to understand and the players to understand that to be successful at international level there’s a plus factor there.”

“But we’ll get it right in the future.”

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