Hooper slapped with one week ban for shoulder charge

Michael Hooper has been banned for one week for his shoulder charge on Mike Brown

Australia will be without their vice captain and flanker Michael Hooper for their final pool match against Wales after he pleaded guilty to a Foul Play charge.

Hooper was cited for 39th minute shoulder charge on England fullback Mike Brown in contravention of rule Law 10.4 which relates to charging into a ruck or maul without using arms.

Hooper dipped his shoulder and failed to use his arms when he ran in to clean out Mike Brown.

The TMO – South African Shaun Veldsman who later ruled a yellow card Owen Farrell for a charge on Hooper looked at the incident and ruled that only a penalty was necessary.

However on review of the incident by officials after the match it was deemed that further action should have been taken and Hooper was cited.

The judicial officer deemed the offence was on the lower-end, with a maximum two-week suspension but Hooper’s early admission and good behavioural record reduced that penalty to just the one week.

Hooper will be available for the Wallabies quarter-final, against any one of South Africa, Scotland or Japan depending on the results of this weekend’s games.

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