Highlanders beat Waratahs in Sydney

Out of the last six Super Rugby matches between the Sydney based Waratahs and
the Dunedin based Highlanders both teams have won three matches each.

Match detail

We are waiting for the kick off.

The Highlanders kick off and we are underway. The Waratahs pass the ball back from the kick off and the pass goes to ground. Israel Folau has to chase the ball and he kicks it into touch.

1.00: The Highlanders go on the attack in the Waratahs 22. Smith almost gets through but they Waratahs hold on.

2.00: Penalty to the Waratahs. They kick for touch but don’t find it. The Highlanders counter attack.

3.00: The Highlanders put the Waratahs under real pressure in their 22 and they win a penalty. Sopoaga will kick for posts.

4.00: Sopoaga takes the penalty kick and nails it. Highlanders lead.

7.00: Waratahs look nervous and much more in command. Foley kicks the ball into touch for territory. The Highlanders win the line out and kick across the field and then into touch.

10.00: The Waratahs start to get their game going. Taqele Naiyaravoro almost gets through on the right but the Waratahs kick (Foley) the ball across the field and Rob Horne gets the ball and scores in the corner. TRY!  Thats the first time the Tahs have been in the Landers 22.

12.00: Bernard Foley takes the conversion from outwide but misses.

13.00: Ben Smith gets the ball on the atatck for the Highlanders and nearly gets through but then kicks and the ball hoes into touch.

14.00: The Waratahs go long with the line out and the Highlanders snatch the ball. They press forward but Matt Carraro turns the ball over and the Waratahs kick for touch.

18.00: The Waratahs win a scrum in their 22 and try to run the ball out but Aaron Smith gets an intercept and dives over to score in the corner. TRY! Ben Smith takes over the kicking duties as Sopoaga is having a concussion test. Smith misses. Highlanders lead.

22.00: Sopoaga comes back on having passed a concussion test. The Waratahs have a penalty. Foley takes the kick and this one he nails. The scores are level.

24.00: Sopoaga takes a chance with a drop goal. He misses.

27.00: The Highlanders run at the Waratahs but they lose the ball to the Waratahs who lose it forward in the tackle.

29.00: The Waratahs win a penalty on the 10m line inside the Highlanders half. Foley will kick for posts.

30.00: Foley nails the penalty. The Waratahs lead.

32.00: Richard Buckman gets the ball near the half way line. He is not held in the tackle and races for the line and scores. TRY! Highlanders lead.

34.00: Sopoaga takes the conversion and nails it.

36.00: Penalty to the Waratahs. Foley takes the kick and nails it.

39.00: Malakai Fekitoa limps to a medic as the siren sounds and the Waratahs lose a line out. The Highlanders fumble the ball forward and the Waratahs try to attack. There is a hand in the ruck so the Waratahs have a penalty and choose a scrum.

41.00: Highlanders get a free kick and tap it. Penalty to the Highlanders for not rolling away.

43.00: Sopoaga takes the penalty kick but misses.

Its half time.

The half time score was Waratahs 14 Highlanders 15

The Waratahs kick off and the second half is underway.

42.00: The Highlanders win the ball back and press forward. The Highlanders get to the line but they get held up.

45.00: After a couple of resets the Waratahs get the put in at the scrum and kick for touch. The Waratahs win the line out. They win a penalty and take the quick tap.

46.00: The Waratahs play the game at pace and press the Highlanders back but they knock on in the Highlanders 22.


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