Highlanders beat Chiefs in Dunedin

Out of the last six Super Rugby matches between the Dunedin based Highlanders
and the Hamilton based Chiefs both sides have won three matches each.

Match detail

We are waiting for the kick off.

0.001: The Highlanders kick off and we are underway.

The Chiefs win the ball back after the restart but they have to take the ball into touch.

1.43:The Highlanders win the ball from the line out. Aaron Smith dummies and Liam Coltman has a run, the Highlanders press forward and Lima Sopoaga kicks for the corner and Patrick Osborne gets to the ball first and scores. We go to the TMO to check. No try as it has been ruled that a foot was in touch.

3.00: The Highlanders win the ball back from the line out. They go on the attack again and Chiefs have to defend with everything they have. They concede a penalty for slowing the ball down at the breakdown. Sopoaga will kick for posts. A bit of a fight breaks out and dies down.

5.00: Sopoaga slots the penalty and the Highlanders lead.

6.00: After the restart the Highlanders fail to release and concede a penalty. There is another fight which dies again but the referee speaks to the captains. The Chiefs will kick for posts.

7.00: Andrew Horrell takes the penalty kick, slots it and levels the scores.

10.00: The Highlanders continue to press the Chiefs back in their half testing their defence.

11.00: Highlanders territory is at 71%.

12.00: The Chiefs win the ball from a scrum and kicked upfield but then there is a knock on. There is a break in the game as a Chiefs player is down. It looks like Matt Symons. He carries on.

14.00: Penalty to the Highlanders for the front row collapsing. Lots of niggle in this contest. The Chiefs will kick for posts.

16.00: The Chiefs win a penalty from the scrum for the front row collapsing. They will kick for posts.

18.00: Andrew Horrell takes the shot from 50m out but misses. The Highlanders kick the ball upfield and the Chiefs counterattack. The Highlanders are caught offside. Horrell gets another shot.

18.00: Horrell takes the kick and this time he has the distance but its away to the left. No change in the score.

20.00: The Highlanders go on the attack again from the halfway line. They get to about 10m out and Sonny Bill Williams puts in a big tackle which forces the knock on.

21.00: The Chiefs win the scrum and the Chiefs work the ball upfield past the half way line but there is a knock on.

22.00: From the scrum the Highlanders run the ball and Aaron Smith races down the wing and Waisake Nahaolo goes with him, they pass to each other and Naholo gets the final pass and scores. TRY!

24.00:Lima Sopoaga takes the conversion kick but misses. Highlanders lead.

28.00: Penalty to the Chiefs. Horrell lines up and slots this one. Michael Leitch comes on as replacement for Matt Symons.

30.00: Penalty to the Chiefs but this time its in their half. James Lowe kicks for touch and sets up the line out.

31.00: The Chiefs win the line out and work the ball into the Highlanders 22. They go through a couple of phases before the Highlanders turn the ball over. The Highlanders run the ball but Fekitoa passes to Naholo and the ball rolls out.

34.00: The Chiefs win the line out but Fekitoa reads their attack and when Horrell gets the ball he flattens him in the tackle. Knock on.

35.00: The Highanders win the ball but then chip the ball ahead.The ball goes to Damien McKenzie who breaks but gets stopped after a long run. The Highlanders win a penalty.

38.00: After a long period of play the Highlanders knock on. Referee is not having his best game. A few funny calls and now he misses a late tackle/charge on Sam Cane.

39.00: The Chiefs win the scrum

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