Giteau questioning his own selection for Wallabies

Australia and Toulon back Matt Giteau says that he is struggling to accept
that he is in the Wallabies squad for the Rugby Championship and questioning
his own selection.

Giteau’s form in France over the last three years has led to the Australian
Rugby Union changing their selection policy to allow players like him to be
selected for the Wallabies.

Even though the rule change has become known as “Giteau’s Law”
he says that he feels a bit like an imposter and hasn’t justified his selection
for the Wallabies squad.

Giteau left Australian Rugby after the 2011 Rugby World Cup but has re-joined
the Wallabies squad as a three time Heineken Cup winner but he says he is feeling
under pressure to perform.

“It feels like it is unjustified that we’ve been picked, that’s
how I feel,” Giteau said.

“The rules have just come in. It is very fresh … we have been playing in
a different competition, we haven’t been playing against those guys in the Australian
derbys, so we haven’t really had a chance to measure yourself up against them.
You haven’t outplayed them, in some ways.”

“So that’s where you feel the justification may not actually be there.”

Giteau says that as he hasn’t played against his selection rivals and under
the Wallabies coaches he feels that he has to prove himself and earn the respect
of his rivals in the squad.

“It is like when I first came into the Wallabies, you have to find your feet
and find within yourself that you belong,” he said.

“That it is a level you can handle, and that you can add to the group. Every
training session I am out there trying to prove myself and earn the respect
of the players and the coaching staff.”

Giteau missed out on selection for the Wallabies at the 2011 Rugby World Cup
and close friends say that missing out really bothered him but he now admits
that he wasn’t playing well enough to be selected.

“I look back at a lot of those games, and even that season, and I wasn’t playing
well. While I was filthy and at the time I was bitter, I had no reason to be

“I wasn’t playing well enough and they picked the squad Robbie thought
could win it,” said Giteau.

Giteau says that his passion for Australian rugby is so strong that if he feels
he is not adding to the squad he will tell the coaches to drop him for the 2015
Rugby World Cup.

“If I feel that I am not adding to this team, then I will go to Cheik and I
will say “look, there are better options here”?,” Giteau says.

“You know within yourself, you know if there are better players in the squad
… and you know if you are struggling a bit, and you are not up to it. You
can’t be selfish.”

“A World Cup is a huge honour and a huge occasion. It is not something I want
to take lightly, or disrespect the jersey by playing if I am not up to it.”

Even though Giteau is battling with accepting that he is in the Wallabies squad
he feels that he is a better player now than when he last wore the Wallaby gold.

“Certainly (compared to) when I left, yeah,” he told the The Daily Telegraph.

“I have got to play in some big finals and we have won some comps. In those
tight situations, those big games, you learn more and you become more relaxed.”

“The more relaxed you are the better you are going to play, the more natural
your game will be.”

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