Former England captain backs Sir Clive Woodward

Martin Corry has come out in defence of his former coach after current Director of Rugby Rob Andrew suggested that Sir Clive Woodward was to blame for England’s drop off after the 2003 Rugby World cup.

Andrew told journalists that England’s only World Cup winning coach had “left no legacy” following the 2003 triumph.

Twickenham’s elite rugby director Andrew implied that the management team of the successful 2003 squad left “no structure, no real long-term planning, no development strategy”.

England fell from top of the list to eighth in the world rankings in the years after their victory in Australia and lost a number of coaches in the time between world cups.

However, former England captain and Leicester star Corry told The Guardian: “I do not blame Clive Woodward for what happened after 2003.”

“Look at what he set out to do first and foremost: win the World Cup. He achieved that.

“You can look at a multitude of reasons for what happened after 2003 and why we did not maintain the success: some players retired, others got injured and a number of changes were made on the coaching front.

“It was always going to be very difficult, but winning the World Cup is a major part of our rugby history.”

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