Crusaders beat Lions in Christchurch

Out of the last five Super Rugby matches between the Christchurch based Crusaders and Johannesburg’s Lions the Crusaders have won all five matches.

Match detail

We are waiting for the kick off.

The Lions kick off but the ball goes out on the full so we go back for a scrum on the half way line. 

1.00: Penalty to the Crusaders for Franco Mostert not rolling away. 

2.00: The Lions win the ball from a ruck and the ball is passed back but there is a fumble of the ball and the Lions get pinned in their goal area. They dot the ball down and the Crusaders have a 5m scrum. 

4.00: The Crusaders win the scrum and they go over the line but they are held up so the Crusaders will have another scrum. 

5.00: The Crusaders win the scrum, Kieran Read fires off the scrum and Andy Ellis slips over. TRY! 

6.00: Dan Carter adds the conversion. 

9.00: Penalty to the Lions for Richie McCaw not rolling away. The Lions kick for touch and the line out. The Lions win the line out but they concede a penalty so Dan Carter kicks for touch but misses. 

10.00: After both teams fail to find touch the Crusaders knock on (Tom Taylor) which gives the Lions a scrum near the half way line. 

11.00: Penalty from the scrum to the Crusaders. They kick for touch and the line out. 

12.00: The Lions concede a free kick for the half back coming into the line out. The Crusaders choose the scrum. 

13.00: The Crusaders win the scrum and run at the Lions but in the tackle they lose the ball forward. 

15.00: The front rows slip in the scrum so it has to be reset. The Crusaders scrum destroys the Lions scrum and wins a penalty. Dan Carter will kick for posts. 

16.00: Carter slots the penalty and the Crusaders lead by 10.

19.00: The Crusaders use their backs to attack the LIons but the Lions defend well and force the ball into touch. 

20.00: The Lions win a line out and Kieran Read goes off his feet so the Lions have a penalty and they kick for touch. 

21.00: The Lions line out is poor and goes deep. The Crusaders grab the ball and race for the line. Johnny McNicholl looks like he will score but he is caught and gets the pass away but the ball goes to ground and the Elton Jantjies. 

23.00: Johnny McNicholl goes down with a knee injury. The Crusaders win a penalty. 

23.00: Carter slots the penalty. 

24.00: Penalty to the Lions – Sam Whitelock offside. Elton Jantjies will kick for posts. 

25.00: Jantjies slots the penalty and the Lions are on the board. 

27.00: Penalty to the Lions. They kick for touch and the line out. They win the line out and kick the ball into touch on the other side. Johnny McNicholl comes off as he is struggling. Kieron Fonotia is on. 

28.00: The Crusaders win the ball but they knock on. 

30.00: Scrum penalty to the Crusaders. The Lions get a warning for collapsing as well. The Crusaders kick for touch and the line out. 

32.00: The Lions defend the Crusaders attacks and push the Crusaders back into their half. The Lions win a line out and put the Crusaders under pressure in their 22. 

34.00: The Lions look dangerous but Sam Whitelock tries to go for the ball and the Lions don’t release so the Crusaders win a penalty. They kick for touch. 

36.00: The Lions win a line out but knock on. The Crusaders scrum has to be reset so we go again. 

38.00: The Crusaders push over the mark so the Lions have a free kick. They run the ball with a tap but they concede a penalty. Carter kicks for the corner. 

39.00: The Crusaders win the ball but at the breakdown the Lions turn the ball over and then give it back to the Crusaders. The Crusaders run the ball but the final pass goes to ground. 

40.00: The siren sounds but we have time for the line out. 

The Lions win the line out and run the ball. It gets knocked on so it’s half time. 

The half time score was Crusaders 13 Lions 3

40.01: No changes from either team. Dan Carter kicks off and we are underway. Owen Franks concedes a penalty. The Lions kick for touch. 

41.00: The Crusaders win the ball back after the line out as the Lions kick. The Crusaders counter attack. The Crusaders run it and then use a maul which collapses so the Lions have a scrum. 

44.00: Penalty to the Lions. Side entry. Jantjies will kick for posts. 

46.00: Jantjies takes the shot and nails it. Nepo Laualala comes on for Owen Franks. 

50.00: The Crusaders scrum smashes the Lions scrum on the Lions put in. Julian Redelinghuys is yellow carded as he has been warned. 

51.00: Carter hits the post with the penalty kick but it hits the post and the Lions take it but knock on. Crusaders scrum. 

52.00: The Crusaders win the scrum and dash for the line. Jantjies saves a try and the Crusaders are held up. The Crusaders have another scrum. 

53.00: The scrum collapses so it has to be reset. It collapses again so the Crusaders choose another scrum with the penalty. 

54.00; Another penalty and another warning for the Lions about their scrum. The Crusaders choose another scrum. 

55.00; The Lions stand up in the scrum as the Crusaders turn up the power so a penalty try is awarded. 

56.00: Carter slots the conversion. 

58.00: The Crusaders drive over the Lions at a ruck and turn the ball over. They spread the ball wide and Kieron Fonotia goes over in the corner. TRY! 

59.00: Carter slots the conversion. 

62.00: The Crusaders are playing with confidence now. They move the ball wide to Nadolo who goes over to score but is called back for a foot in touch.  

67.00: The Lions work the ball into the Crusaders 22. They move the ball through the hands pushing the Crusaders back. 

68.00: The Crusaders turn the ball over and run it out of their 22 but then kick for touch and the Lions counter attack from the half way line. The game is paused for an injury to Kieran Read. David Havili comes on for Tom Taylor. 

70.00: Free kick from the scrum to the Crusaders. They kick for touch. 

72.00: Sam Whitelock passes to Nemani Nadolo on the wing but he knocks on. 

73.00: Penalty to the Lions. Jantjies kicks for touch and is replaced by Marnitz Boshoff. 

75.00: The Lions are throwing the ball around and Kieran Read gets an intercept and races for the line and scores. TRY! Bonus point. 

76.00: Carter adds the conversion. 

79.00: The Crusaders fumble the ball in their 22 and the Lions pounce. They put the Crusaders line under pressure but the Crusaders eventually turn the ball over. 

80.00: The siren sounds as the Crusaders win a penalty from the scrum. They kick for touch. 

That’s it. The Crusaders win. 

The full time score is Crusaders 34 (13) Lions 6 (3)


Tries – A.Ellis. Penalty try, K. Fonotia, K.Read
Pen – D.Carter 2
Con – D.Carter 4
Drop –
Cards –

Tries –
Pen – E.Jantjies 2
Con –
Drop –
Cards -J.Redelinghuys (50th min yellow)

Match Officials
Referee: Nick Briant
Assistant Ref 1:Ben O’Keeffe
Assistant Ref 2:Paul Williams
TMO:Chris Wratt



1, Wyatt Crockett, ,2, Ben Funnell, 3, Owen Franks, 4, Luke Romano, 5, Sam Whitelock,6, Jordan Taufua,7, Richie McCaw, 8, Kieran Read (c) 9, Andy Ellis,10, Colin Slade, 11, Nemani Nadolo, 12, Dan Carter, 13, Ryan Crotty , 14, Johnny McNicholl, 15, Tom Taylor, ,

Replacements : 16, Codie Taylor,17, Joe Moody, 18, Nepo Laulala , 19, Scott Barrett, 20, Luke Whitelock, 21, Mitchell Drummond, , 22, Kieron Fonotia, 23, David Havili


15. Andries Coetzee, 14. Ruan Combrinck, 13. Lionel Mapoe, 12. Harold Vorster, 11. Sampie Mastriet, 10. Elton Jantjies, 9. Ross Cronje, 8. Warren Whiteley (c), 7. Warwick Tecklenburg, 6. Jaco Kriel, 5. Martin Muller, 4. Franco Mostert, 3. Julian Redelinghuys, 2. Robbie Coetzee, 1. Corne Fourie

Replacements : 16. Armand van der Merwe, 17. Jacques van Rooyen, 18. Ruan Dreyer, 19. Andries Ferreira, 20. Derick Minnie, 21. Faf de Klerk, 22. Marnitz Boshoff, 23. Howard Mnisi

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