Brumbies beat Rebels in Melbourne

Out of the last five Super Rugby matches between the Melbourne Rebels and the Brumbies the Canberra based Brumbies have won just one match.

Match detail

We are waiting for the kick off.

Jack Debreczeni kicks off and we are underway. 

2.00: The Rebels make a strong start to the match. They get the ball into the Brumbies 22 and press them backwards. 

3.00: Penalty to the Brumbies. White kicks for touch and sets up a line out just inside their half. The Brumbies win the line out but knock on. 

4.00: The Rebels win a penalty from the scrum. Going straight to ground. Mike Harris will kick for posts. 

6.00: Harris lines up the kick but misses. 

8.00: The Brumbies work the ball down to the Rebels 22. The Rebels try a quick line out but its a mess and the pass goes forward. 

10.00; The Brumbies win the scrum but the ball “came out the same tunnel” so we have to reset the scrum. 

12.00: Penalty to the Brumbies from the scrum. They will have a shot at the posts. Lealiifano lines up the kick. He nails it. 

13.00: Penalty to the Rebels. They kick for touch and the line out. The Rebels win the line out and the ball goes to ground and they win a penalty from the ruck. Harris will kick for posts. 

15.00: Harris lines up the penalty kick and nails it to level the scores. 

18.00: The scrums are eating up time. 

20.00: after a line out the Brumbies move the ball to Tevita Kuridrani who races through the Rebels and scores. TRY! 

22.00: Lealiifano slots the conversion and the Brumbies lead. 

24.00: Tom English gets the ball and races to the line but he is called back – after scoring – as the whistle went for a forward pass. 

27.00:Penalty to the Brumbies. Steve Walsh has a word with Scott Higginbotham. The Brumbies kick for touch. 

29.00: Another penalty to the Brumbies as Scott Higginbotham didn’t roll away. 

30.00: Lealiifano lines up the kick and nails it. 

32.00: The Rebels work the ball into the Brumbies 22. They keep the ball moving and Luke Jones goes for the line and four Brumbies players hold him up. 

33.00: The Brumbies sustain some pressure and the ball goes into touch. The Rebels however win a penalty from the line out and kick for touch.

36.00: A heavily facially strapped Luke Jones comes back on from the blood bin after his near try scoring heroics. 

37.00: Penalty to the Rebels. Harris will take a shot at the posts. 

39.00: Harris takes the kick and its a long one but he nails it. 

40.00: The siren sounds but the Rebels play on until the ball goes into touch. 

Its half time. 

The half time score was Rebels 6 Brumbies 13

The Brumbies kick off and we are underway. 

42.00: The Brumbies knock forward on the half way line so the Rebels have a scrum. 

43.00: The Rebels concede a free kick from the scrum and the Brumbies choose another scrum. 

45.00: The Brumbies strike and go for the corner but they are held out. The Brumbies recycle and move the ball to the middle of the field but they knock on. Benn Alexander comes off. 

49.00: The Rebels enjoy a strong spell of play and push the Brumbies back in their 22. The Rebels look dangerous but the Brumbies hang on. 

52.00: The rain has started to come down. Fairly heavy. Scott Higginbotham tries to attack but losses the ball as its slippy now. The Brumbies win the scrum and kick for touch. 

54.00: Scott Higginbotham has another short run with the ball but knocks on. We go back for a Rebels penalty. 

55.00: Mike Harris takes the shot and nails it. 

57.00: Yellow card for Scott Higginbotham and a penalty to the Brumbies. They kick for the corner. 

58.00: The Brumbies win the line out and drive for the line and Jarrad Butler scores in the maul. TRY! 

59.00: Lealiifano takes the conversion kick and curls it in. He has now reached the 500 point mark in Super Rugby. 

63.00: Penalty to the Rebels. Harris takes the kick and nails it in the pouring rain. 

65.00: The Brumbies win a line out on Rebels 5m line. They get the maul rolling and drive over. We go to the TMO to check but it looks like the ball was dropped and it went forward. No try, lost forward is the call. 

66.00: The Rebels have a defensive 5m scrum. They win the scrum and Debreczeni clears the ball into touch. 

69.00: The Rebels go through the phases in the Brumbies 22 but then there is a poor pass and the Brumbies get the ball and kick it upfield. The Rebels try to counter attack but after the tackle they knock on. 

71.00: Ben Whittaker comes on to make his Super Rugby debut for the Rebels. 

73.00; The Brumbies have the ball but the Rebels push them back and then the ball is knocked on by both sides and the Brumbies kick it out. 

74.00: The Brumbies will finish the match with 14 players as Sam Carter is yellow carded. 

75.00 Mike Harris will take the penalty shot as it could earn the Rebels a bonus point. He nails it. 

77.00: Penalty inside the Brumbies half to the Brumbies. Nic White lines up the kick to eat up time. He is short. 

79.00: The Rebels knock on in the wet so the Brumbies have a scrum. It has to be reset. 

80.00: The siren sounds but the scrum will complete. Penalty to the Rebels !

81.00: The Rebels run the ball. 

82.00: After 11 phases the Rebels go wide. They get into the Brumbies 22 and keep the ball rolling. 

82.00: Harris makes a break but is caught. The Rebels continue the attack but advantage was being played so the Rebels have another chance. 16 phases that time. 

83.0: The Rebels lose the ball forward in the set. 

That’s it the Brumbies win. Full time. 

The full time score is Rebels 15 (6) Brumbies 20 (13)


Tries –
Pen – M.Harris 5
Con –
Drop –
Cards -S.Higginbotham (57th min yellow)

Tries – T.Kuridrani, J.Butler
Pen – C.Lealiffano 2
Con – C.Lealiffano 2
Drop –
Cards -S.Carter(74th min yellow)

Match Officials
Referee: Steve Walsh
Assistant Ref 1:James Leckie
Assistant Ref 2:Ed Martin
TMO : Peter Marshall



1. Toby Smith ,2. Pat Leafa ,3. Laurie Weeks ,4. Luke Jones ,5. Lopeti Timani ,6. Sean McMahon ,7. Colby Fainga’a ,8. Scott Higginbotham (C) ,9. Nic Stirzaker ,10. Jack Debreczeni ,11. Tom English ,12. Mitch Inman ,13. Tamati Ellison ,14. Dom Shipperley ,15. Mike Harris

Replacements : 16. Ben Whittaker ,17. Cruze Ah-Nau ,18. Paul Alo-Emile ,19. Sam Jeffries ,20. Scott Fuglistaller ,21. Luke Burgess ,22. Bryce Hegarty ,23. Sefanaia Naivalu


1. Scott Sio , 2. Stephen Moore (c) , 3. Ben Alexander , 4. Rory Arnold , 5. Sam Carter , 6. Scott Fardy , 7. Jarrad Butler , 8. Ita Vaea , 9. Nic White , 10. Matt Toomua , 11. Joe Tomane , 12. Christian Lealiifano , 13. Tevita Kuridrani , 14. Henry Speight , 15. Robbie Coleman

Replacements : 16. Josh Mann-Rea , 17. Ruan Smith , 18. JP Smith , 19. Blake Enever , 20. Jordan Smiler , 21. Michael Dowsett , 22. James Dargaville , 23. Jesse Mogg

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