Boudjellal wants Toulon to play in Premiership

Boudjellal says England make the right decisions

Toulon’s owner Mourad Boudjellal says that he wants his European Rugby club to leave the Top 14 in France and play in England’s Premiership.

Boudjellal has contacted Premiership Rugby and raised the idea of Toulon leaving the Top14 and joining the Premiership.

“I wrote for a contact. If this is not possible the next season, maybe the one after that,” Boudjellal told L’Equipe.

“For them (the English) besides it being a big first, is that it would be a huge added value. And I’m serious in my approach. ”

“Monaco disputes the championship of France Ligue 1, and no one finds it incongruous. ”

“The English make the right decisions,” said Boudjellal.

Boudjellal’s decision comes as a result of a long term struggle with Top 14 ruling body NRL over the salary cap and other economic systems.

The Toulon boss said that he had been across the channel to see how things are done in England and he prefers “The economic future of rugby in England rather than France, given the way the two leagues are directed.”


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