Blackadder surprised by new bonus point rule

Crusaders coach Todd Blackadder was not consulted about the new bonus point rules

Crusaders head coach Todd Blackadder says that Super Rugby coaches have been taken by surprise by SANZAR’s plans to change the bonus points system.

Super Rugby bosses SANZAR are understood to be close to announcing that the four try bonus point will be dropped this year and replaced with a bonus point for scoring three more tries than a team’s opposition.

Blackadder says that the first he heard about the new bonus points system was when he opened an email from SANZAR.

The Crusaders coach says that the Super Rugby coaches were not consulted about the merits of the plan.

” Honestly, no. We just got flicked an email,” Crusaders coach Blackadder told Stuff.

“There hasn’t really been a lot of consulting, to be honest, which is disappointing. But it is what it is. Like anything we will ask our players to adapt and get on with it.”

The three try bonus point is already being used in the Top 14 and is designed to keep a team on attack even though the game might have been won on the scoreboard. T

Blackadder said that he was taken by surprise when he learned about the change by email.

“It is a little bit bizarre,” he acknowledged.

“It just means we have to score three tries more than anyone else. It will be really interesting when it comes to decisions [on the field].”

“Hopefully, what we will get out of our pre-season games is some good decision-making under pressure there – hopefully it is a good thing,” Blackadder said.

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