ARU predicts new laws will bring try-fests

The Australian Rugby Union’s (ARU) high performance unit’s General manager Pat Howard is predicting that the new laws being implemented (ELV’s) in this year’s Super 14 will lead to matches that are try fests.

“The game may be the same score it has been for the first 60 minutes, but with a war of attrition that post the 60-minute mark there’s so much more ball in play and the players are more fatigued,” he told NZPA.

“What we’re hoping for is the score to effectively double in that last 20 minutes.”

The main changes that the rules will bring are free kicks rather than penalties for offences other than offside and foul play, and requiring each backline to stand 5m from the hindmost foot at the scrum.

In addition if the ball is passed or taken back inside the defender’s 22m line, then kicked out on the full, the lineout is in line with where the ball was kicked.

“Every time you make a line break, the chances of you converting that into a try are a lot higher,” Howard said.


It is not known at this stage whether SANZAR will include the new rules in this year’s TriNations.

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