Crusader’s turn to referee Pollock

New Zealand referee Chris Pollock will work with the Crusaders for three days in Christchurch next week starting on Monday in order to assist the players as they adapt to the new Experimental Law Variations (ELVs).

The Crusaders will then play a match under Pollock against the Hurricanes at Motueka on January the 25th will be played over four 25-minute quarters and all 35 members of the Crusaders squad are scheduled to take part.

Crusaders coach Robbie Deans (pictured) says on the Crusader’s website that Pollock’s presence at training in the lead up to the first competitive hit out of the year offers a great educational opportunity for the players.

“It will allow them [the players] to clear up any uncertainties that they might have in their own minds prior to playing a game governed under the ELVs,” Deans says.

“Generally the feedback I’ve had gives me the impression that the players are up to speed with the changes, but there is talking about it, and there is the doing under pressure in contact and game situations.”

Deans is positive about the situation because it gives both parties, the players and the coaches, to learn how the ELV’s are going to work.

“Coming into a team environment and getting feedback from the guys who will be out there playing the game should be beneficial for Chris, as a referee, as well,” Deans says, “in terms of getting a feel for the thought processes of the players.

“So it’s a two way street.”

A list of the ELV’s to be implemented can be found by clicking HERE.  


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