Mortlock retains Brumbies captaincy

Currently injured Wallabies and Brumbies skipper Stirling Mortlock will keep the captaincy of the Brumbies in the 2008 Super 14.


Mortlock had suggested that he step down as Brumbies captain as he will miss the first half of the Super 14 and he felt that it would be better to bring in some new blood.

Motlock needs shoulder surgery and this will prevent him from playing for the Brumbies. Coach Laurie Fisher however feels that Mortlock was needed as leader now more than ever as the Brumbies have lost veterans George Gregan and Stephen Larkham.

Another figure that had some influence was the now retired hooker Jeremy Paul, “Having lost key senior leaders, the remaining senior players need to step up,” Fisher told FoxSports.

“(Mortlock) was concerned that not being here for a period of time was going to be detrimental to leading the team but I tend to think the other way.

“His role is more important in 2008 than it’s been in 2007 and 2006.” Fisher added.

Mortlock said, “It’s more about that I’m off contract at the end of next year and whether the organisation wanted to make long-term succession planning move,”

Winger Clyde Rathbone is still sidelined with a knee injury.

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