Fiji distances itself from accused

The Fiji Rugby Union (FRU) on Tuesday said it had little or no connection with three men that were charged with the fatal assault of 19-year-old Sakiusa Rabaka in January this year.

The three men had reportedly participated in Wellington Sevens rugby, according to the Dominian Post, although the paper didn’t specify when they had played.

Said the FRU in an official statement: “Contrary to media reports in Australia and New Zealand, none of the eight soldiers recently charged in the killing of a civilian earlier this year is a part of any team run by the Fiji Rugby Union (FRU).”

FRU chief Timoci Tavanavanua slammed the newspaper reports saying they were both inaccurate and imaginative.

“The only person mentioned that once had an association with the FRU is Jona Nareki, who last represented Fiji at the 2000 Dubai 7s,” the FRU chief explained.

“So to call him a Fiji 7s player now is stretching things a bit.

“The Etonia Nadura that has been charged is the namesake of a player who featured for Fiji at the Hong Kong 7s in 1993. It’s not the same person,” added Tavanavanua.

He further explained that the third man Napolioni Naulia only played for Fiji’s gold medal-winning team at the South Pacific Games last month, which he said did not come under the FRU’s jurisdiction.

“He is not in any current squad and has not played in any IRB 7s tournament or been part of any FRU-run team,” said Tavanavanua.


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