Ryan unhappy with official consistency

Dean Ryan questioned the way breakdowns are controlled in the Guinness Premiership on Sunday, as his Gloucester side went down to their first league defeat of the season to London Irish.

The Kingsholm head coach was frustrated by referee Sean Davey’s interpretation of the breakdown, saying that the loose scraps were counter-productive and that his job would be impossible unless the decisions became uniform.

“I’m being told that the breakdown is going to be tidy and the offside line is going to be adhered to. We are going to see the ball in play and I coach accordingly,” said Ryan to reporters.

“So today is one of those days when we didn’t see it that much. I thought I had a clear idea about this but obviously it is not clear enough.”

Ryan may take his point to a higher authority, hinting he would make his point when asked for his assessment of the referee’s performance by the RFU.

“We will go through the normal process that we do all the time on Monday,” he said.

That all said, Ryan congratulated the Exiles on their playing intelligence, admitting his team had been ‘found out’ and that the opposition had done a good job on keeping Gloucester’s runners shackled and starved of clean ball.

“It is not a surprise that we come into contests like this. London Irish came into phases and kept it a bit messy,” he said to reporters after the match.

“People will ensure they don’t play into our strength areas and I think they did a very good job at that.

“They had a bit of success and turned us but, in terms of overall shape, we didn’t do a lot wrong.

“You have to give credit to London Irish and what they did. We have to move on and keep looking at things.”


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